Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Seeing as HE sees

Today I haven't been feeling well. Nope, not in the least bit! Horrible dizzy spells came upon me as I was starting supper and it's been pretty bad. There has been a blessing though!!
My dear oldest child. The one that I often snap at for being too whiny or overly sensitive...she noticed that I wasn't feeling well and offered to have devotions with the others. And she did! As I lay on the couch, eyes shut from the nausiating dizziness I heard her precious voice reading from our Father's Book. I heard her asking questions as if she were years beyond her current age. She was the one who, when I couldn't get Brother dressed for church, offered to do it. She picked out his clothes, gave them to him to put on and fixed his hair...she did it all; socks, shoes...even the cologne.

And it's not just today! She is always doing things like that...always helping out! The first to volunteer...yet I don't see it clearly! Boy I see the whining clearly and quickly though...but...

You see, as I sat here in an almost quiet house (all have left except for Littlest) the Lord gently reminded me that the things that frustrate me the most in her are the exact things that caused her to take the actions that she did tonight. That sensitive spirit that often causes more whiney moments that Mama can take and sensitive nature are HIS gifts to her! No, she hasn't learned yet how to completely handle this gift therefore sometimes it comes out as whines and cries but she is what GOD made her! Her helpful spirit is FROM HIM and I need to SEE that!

I feel so convicted! Why have I been trying to "toughen her up" when God created her to be sensitive; sensitive to the needs of others; to be a help when someone (Mama) needs it most!

Lord help me to see my child through YOUR ever loving and merciful eyes! Allow me to nuture in her what You created her to be and not stifle her! Lord help me to see with Your eyes!!!

What about you? Are you looking at your children through God's eyes or your own? Let's all try to see them as God sees them!!
Lovin' Learnin'

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  1. This brought tears to my eyes. My children all have similar traits and I'm sure that some of their qualities that get to me the most are probably some of their strongest attributes. Thanks for this!


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