Tuesday, June 2, 2009

LHTH Week 1

This week I started my 3 year old son's "preschool time" using Heart of Dakota's wonderful Little Hands to Heaven curriculum. This week we begin with the "a" sound as in "Adam", learning about God creating the world and some simple math.

Checking out the pictures from his Bible story.
The first day he said, "Mommy I just want to play." So I told him that I just wanted to read him a Bible story and teach him a new poem. He agreed and we sat down and began. He really seemed to enjoy it but didn't get into the poem too much at all. Fifteen minutes later we were done and he was off to play. The time was very short...but for him it was just enough!!!

Acting out the alligator from our poem. This was a blast!!
The next day we began with the poem and this time he was THRILLED to do it!! Even his big sisters wanted to join in! We had a blast!!! From the poem to the Bible story to walking on a large letter A to learn the formation of the letter he was 100% involved and loving it!! He laughed the whole time!! Jackpot!! Success!! He enjoys it, has fun and is not bogged down with "busy work!"

Working on his math skills page! Drawing two caterpillars in each box.
Biggest sister helped us count by two's when we were done!
Everytime I've showed him the "Aa" flashcard he puts his hands on his cheeks and says, " ah, ah, ah...Adam." He is learning while having fun as well!!

Big sister helping him say, "Ah, ah, ah, "
I'm hoping that everyday (or at least most!) go just as well as our second day! The curriculum is perfect for my short attention span little guy! There are times of reading where he will have to sit and listen (good practice!), times of active movement, and times of math practice to exercise his little mind! Wonderful!!

Walking on a letter A that his biggest sister drew for him.
Check back weekly to see our progress!! The girls loved the work we did with brother...I can't wait to start the Beyond manual with them in August!!!