Monday, August 30, 2010

Doing What I Said I Never Would!!!!

We can be like that can't we? We can passionatly say, "I would NEVER do..." and then one day we wake up and realize that we are doing just that!!

Well it's been like that for me with technology in our homeschool. Believe me, as a blogger I know how hard it can be to discipline one's self when it comes to computer time. Knowing that I really didn't want the McKiddies to have to struggle as well.

But here I am, in my what, 3rd year of homeschooling and I am implementing the computer in my school. Yes, there I said it, I am doing it!! We use the computer...and you know's gone great!!

We use the computer for typing lessons utilizing a program called Keyboard Town Pals. We will use it for their Spanish lessons and Brother has been using it for a review that I am doing. I plan to record the children as they recite their memory work, so we will use technology there. We listen to our composer study music from the computer...there's another place. We use technology-and my kids are 3rd grade and under!

Ya know what though, I am thankful for one thing. Self-control. Yes, the McKiddies are learning to control their desires to stay on the computer for as long as the flesh wants. We have schedules, time limits and "computer work days" and a  "computer fun day". We don't allow them to sit around and mindlessly move nothing but the mouse for hours on end-it is controlled. And I pray that in doing this when they grow into adults that they have the ability to control the computer and not let it control them.

Yes, we use technology-but it doesn't use us!! We don't depend on it, our days aren't ruined if we don't get to it...but yes, we use technology. There are plenty of benefits to it, as long as you control the things that aren't beneficial!!

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