Monday, August 23, 2010

A Day At Ruby Slippers

heart of the matter

I am really going to have to change the name of our blog once we begin officially schooling Brother!!!
Hmm, a day in our life. Well, there is so much to write!! We have been having some very full and busy days over here!!

Let's see...I'll just share a little about our schooling time.

We have been starting school no later than 9 a.m. This is so that we can get chores and breakfast in before we begin. We also have our devotions and read some history.
We open up with the pledges, morning board and Bible reading. We also sing a little to get our voices going and to really just brighten the atmosphere. Music can do that can't it!
Pledging to the Bible

Then we begin our table work for the girls while I TRY to find something to occupy Littlest. (It's not easy you know!!) Brother is normally in a playing mood at first so I let him play with his Legos or something so that I can concentrate on the girls.
This container of tops kept her busy for all of two minutes...if that!!
We start our workbox work and I alternate working with each of them on things like Language Arts, Math, Reading etc. This has worked out really well for us so far. They know to skip something in their workboxes if they need my help and I'm working with someone else at the time.
Biggest working behind her mini office.
Around 10:30 I usually take them outside for "recess." (Around this time is when I'm getting stressed because Littlest is getting into things so the change of scenery is really for me and not them!!)

I guess they need the break too!!
For now we are spending our time learning some soccer skills and we also took a day to practice some running. I think we'll work on this for about 6 weeks and then move on to softball skills. We are by no means an athletic family but I deeply desire for all of my children to feel comfortable handling a ball. I think that it just gives them some added confidence. I am currently using a book to help me with the soccer skills and will probably do the same for any other sport that we do.
After that they have about 15 minutes of free play then it's back inside to finish up our work. The girls go back to their workboxes and I usually help Brother with something.

Last week we worked on reading and classification. We keep it very hands-on with him and it's been great. I'll post about that another time though.
His hands on math approach. Matching numbers of cars with the correct number card. 
Lunch is up next and by this time we are all ready for it!! We eat and I'll read to them (they love that!!) Littlest goes to bed then and I work on math with the girls. After that our school day is pretty much done.

Nothing fancy, certainly loud but always chaoticly organized...if there is such a thing.

Hope I didn't bore you to death with our day!!! Click here to check out some other "Day in the Life" blog posts.

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  1. That looks like a lovely day!

  2. Hey girl... your kids are having TOO MUCH FUN these days.... keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks, it's actually pretty crazy behind the camera lens!!! Gotta find something for the Little one to do!!!

  4. Your day looks busy but enjoyable. Music does make the house more cheerful. I'm ready for it to cool off just a bit here so we can enjoy more outside, too.

  5. I love the 3 sided board you have to keep them from distraction! I think I am going to do that for my kiddos too-plus put stuff in there like you did-calendar, and then math facts, cursive chart etc...that way I can get rid of some of my old gaudy posters on the wall! =) thanks for sharing!

  6. Really enjoyed reading about your day and seeing all the photos. Your kids are all so cute!


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