Monday, August 10, 2015

Modesty Monday - What My Young Girls Wear

Today's young girls have so many influences. They are influenced by the shows and movies they watch, the stars in Hollywood, their favorite musicians, magazines and more. What is sad about all of these influences is that seldom are they encouraging our girls for good. When young people saturate themselves with the influences of the world, there is little room left in their impressionable hearts and minds for the Lord.

My husband and I decided long ago that we would raise our children in an A-typical fashion. Our home isn't a home where the latest movies are watched. It isn't a home where the popular music artists of our day can be heard singing from our radios. Neither is this a home where we bring in secular magazines filled with articles and pictures that don't encourage a walk with the Lord. Before we were even married or knew each other, we individually decided that our home would be one in which the Lord was at the center. Everything we would do, we decided, would be founded in Him first.

Our home is not perfect, not by any means, but it is one in which we are unified in our desire to protect our children from the influences that can so easily push the Lord out of their hearts and minds.

One area in which we are "A-typical" is our dress. Our family dresses very conservatively. Now please know that we do not look down at those who don't share our conservative style. We know all too well the danger of raising kids to criticize the way others are dressed, or to have an ugly spirit about the way someone else dresses. Our children know that we dress the way we do because we believe it's correct according to the scriptures. There will always be those who don't agree and that is fine. We are to do what God wants us to do, live as He calls us to live. And that is all. Thankfully our kids have always had a great spirit in this area.

I have been thinking for a while about sharing the little outfits that my oldest two girls put together. It's funny to watch them because while my oldest tends to dress more stylish with scarves, bracelets and layers, my second daughter has a more quirky style of dress. I love both of their clothing choices and allow them to embrace their different tastes in clothes.

Since we are a large family, 5 children, we usually purchase all of our clothes at second hand shops or  they get gifted to us. This is okay though because we usually acquire more than enough nice clothing pieces this way.

So for my first post, here is what my girls put together for our Sunday worship services. Nothing spectacular, but cute modest apparel. I hope you enjoy and find that their outfits give you ideas for your young girls as well.

This cute little polka dot dress has gotten a bit too short for my daughter so she layered it with a longer white skirt for modesty. Those boots she is wearing were a long awaited Christmas present and she loves them. 

This was a more casual Sunday outfit for my oldest. She usually dresses up a bit more but chose to be a little more relaxed today. :)

Now, I am curious. What styles do your girls gravitate towards? What little tricks do you have to make clothing a bit more modest for your young girls?