Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Meet the Students

heart of the matter
This year I officially have two children that I am homeschooling although I will do my best to incorporate Brother into the mix as often as I am possible. He is always asking to do school work to so I am going to try.
But in an attempt to keep this short so that I can get to bed I will begin.
DSCN2333 I introduce to you first, our Biggest Sister. She is 8 years old and a brand new 3rd grader. Big Sis is loving, motherly, helpful and happy. This little girl truly has a servant’s heart!!
Her hobbies are playing soccer, drawing, playing piano, singing (and doing so very loudly), reading the Bible and helping Mommy. She loves horses and is extremely excited about having her first Pen Pal.
I have homeschooled this dear one since the tender age of 3 and she has hung on during this crazy ride in a wonderful way!! I love this girl, our first baby.

DSCN2509 Next up, Big Sis. This is the baby that was suppose to be born on my birthday which I was so excited about. However, as we were to learn later, this girl does things the way she wants to and came 12 days early. She hasn’t stopped trying to do things her own way since!
Big Sis is 6 and is our little 1st grader this year. She is very spunky, adorably funny, extremely girly and loves hangin’ with Biggest. Those two are so close!!!
Big Sis loves to draw, is a budding violinist, loves all things pink, purple and sparkly and loves animals!! She is very sharp and has an unbelievable ability to reason things out in a way that is so mature for someone her age.
I have been much more relaxed in schooling this girl and I have seen the fruits in that approach. She learned how to read without any formal phonics training by 5 and a half and although this is the first year of officially doing math with her she is grasping things so quickly!!

DSCN2420 Our next (unofficial) student is Brother. Oh this fella!!! What can I say about him?! He is surrounded by girls!! He’s the only cowboy at this homestead but I think that he handles it well…at least he’s stopped saying that the new puppy is his brother!! (He is praying for one though!)
Brother is ALL BOY!!!! He is a playing addicted , Lego buildin’, dirt lovin’, messy eatin’ bundle of boy energy!! At any given time you can find him making a mess and then wanting help come time to clean it up!!
Brother is a sweetheart! (I’m training him to be a good hubby someday…that’s my goal anyway!!) He is so affectionate, loves his sisters and is often caught sleeping with Littlest in her pack and play!
Although he will be 5 in September I am not doing “official” kindergarten work with him. We still say Pre-School because I won’t do any curriculum work with him until next year. I like the takin’ it easy approach, besides, I’m busy with the girls.
We are starting things nice and light for him, lots of active games and some fun worksheets, but nothing major.

DSCN2187 And even though she is not a part of our homeschool she is a part of our home so I can’t leave her out. This is Littlest. She is the youngest of the McKids at 22 months and is separated by the most years, she is 3 years younger than Brother, all the others are separated by 22 months.
This baby is CRAZY!!! She is bilingual speaking, outgoing, funny, and adorable! She loves her siblings, blanket and our dog, Pepper, whom she terrorizes daily. She also sings just like Biggest and is almost as loud!!
She can usually be found getting into the markers and coloring all over her legs. Or just making a mess! She adds a kind of chaotic joy to our home that I am thankful to have!!

So, that’s us! Hope you enjoyed getting to know each one of my McKiddos a little more!!!

And here is one of me and McPapa. We don’t post our pictures much…for various reasons :) but I guess that this can be an exception.


He is our Principal, an amazing husband/father...who can usually be found bringing ME coffee in bed! He is the Pastor of a Spanish Ministry and come Thursday the 19th will have been my McHubby for 10 years!! I love him!!! (And those dreamy eyes!!)
Now if you want to meet more families that are on this homeschool journey you can check them out here. It's so interesting!! Check 'em out!!

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  1. What a beautiful family you have!! Best of wishes on this coming school year! :)

  2. What a sweet family! I love that pic of the 2 littlest ones in the playpen!

  3. You have a lovely family! I enjoyed my visit here!

  4. Love your blog~ and your photos! I love the picture of Brother sleeping beside his little sister! Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a blessed bunch you have. Have a great year!

  6. Precious children! Thanks for sharing the pictures of all of you.


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