Thursday, August 12, 2010

Not Back-to-School Blog Hop

heart of the matter
School room a designated area with four walls and a door...hmmm...nope, don't got an extra one of those.

No, we don't have a "school room" area in our house. It is very open and getting very small for us. I've looked at many of the other entries on this blog hop and I have to say I've been coveting just a little...okay a lot but can you blame me? Some of those rooms are gorgeous!! But that's okay! I'm making what we have work and it does work!!

Our "school area" kinda goes throughout our whole house! I've got stuff here and there (as organized as it can be) so we actually have a school home. Why don't I just give you a tour?!

When you first come into our little home you are greeted by the wall 'o cork boards (all painted brown so that they match of course). The board on the right holds all of our weather and calendar items. The one on the left is now our artist/composer study area. This is where I will hang our art print along with a picture of the artist. For the composer section I will post the name of the piece that we will be listening to that week and a picture of the compser will be up as well. (The piece of paper on the bottom of this board is no longer there...please ignore that!) The bottom board is where I've been hanging Brother's letter colages, number chart and alphabet strip. Not sure if that will stay the same or not.

Go a little further in to our home and you will come to the bookcases. These were my birthday gifts last year and I have LOVED them!! They are quite full as you can see. The bookcase on the right is all homeschool stuff. The top shelf homes all of my Rightstart math books and the baskets contain all of the manipulatives. The next shelf is our history and science shelf. The third shelf from the top contains the readers for Beyond Little Hearts and other intermediate readers. The fourth shelf from the top carries all picture books and some easy readers. The very bottom shelf is where our dictionaries, encylcopedias and the kid's notebooks are. The other bookcase contains mostly my and McPapa's stuff plus music books. The very last shelf has more encyclopedias and the there are lapbooks, coloring books and other workbooks (fun ones) in the magazine holders.

Just passed the bookshelves and the piano you will come to the armoire. From the outside it looks like it would hold a nice big T.V. but...

Nope!! We've gotten rid of the T.V. so now this space holds all of our audio cassettes, cassette player, workboxes, a stray game (that needs to be put away!) and some handicraft items. I love this set up because we can close the doors so you can't see the mess!!!

Each of the doors holds a chart. There is a days of the week chart and also a chart explaining the Roman's Road. I made that last year because I wanted my children to have a visual reminder of the road we take to salvation and also to begin memorizing the verses that are typically used for the Roman's Road.

Across the room is a small map area. As we study each continent/country we will color it in on this map. We started with Australia last year and actually need to color in the country of Egypt as we studied that as well.
 We use the chalkboard for various things and the book basket underneath holds my son's letter sounds book and Littlest's stray Cheerios book (need to put that away too!)

Our new work space will be a child-sized table that I am so glad to have!! It is a perfect fit and very sturdy!
I do have some shelves in our laundry room that holds some art items and another set of shelves in a storage room that holds a ton of homeschool curriculum and books that I have accumulated, but don't think you're getting a picture of those rooms!! I'm only so  brave! I can't believe that I'm posting pictures of these areas.

Now I will tell you that I did not clean up my home before I took these pictures. I wanted to show you or school house "au natural". It's not pretty, not as fancy as some but it's ours and there's no place like right?!!!

Okay, enough of my measly go and check out some other, much nicer school room areas.
Not Back to School Blog Hop

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  1. thanks for the tour - have a great school year :)

  2. Loved all the pictures! Wish I had added pics to mine, but my house is not "presentable" right now. I'm glad I'm not the only one who does and has school stuff spread throughout the entire house. Yours is a bit more organized, but I'm working on that this month. Thank you for your encouragement in this area.

  3. I LOVE your Roman Road chart! What a great idea!!!

  4. Love the little table! thanks for sharing your space =)


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