Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Funny Things Kids Say…

DSCN2301 Big Sis is not the loudest in the family, not by any means. She is our more quiet child, always around but content to stay in the background.
What amazes me about her is her ability to think so quickly and so logically. Sometimes the things that come out of her mouth are surprising…McPapa and I look at each other in complete amazement that she is able to make certain connections. It’s shown me that not only is  she quiet, she is very bright.
Well I would like to share with you one funny connection that she made out of the blue recently. Nothing amazing or brilliant…I can’t remember any of those right now, it’s too late, but I’ll share this funny one.
We were all piled in our faithful blue minivan headed to Aldi to do some frugal shopping. We hadn’t traveled very far when McPapa laughs and says that something is just so hilarious. (Don’t remember what he was talking about either). larry_the_cucumber
Piping up from the seat behind McPop Big Sis immediately says, “Mommy is it hilarious because Larry (the Cucumber)  is so funny?” Get it? Hi-Larry-ous!
Bwa!!! We haven’t watched a Veggie movie in I don’t know how long but in our opinion for her to make the connection between the word and the character and to do it so quickly was pretty impressive.
Out of the mouth of Babes. What funny things have your children said lately? Share them with me!

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  1. Kids say the darnest things.. I had to read it twice to get it. :) Love ya all,



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