Friday, July 23, 2010

Friend or Foe?

As I sit here sipping my coffee and surfing my ever-growing collection of watched blogs I feel convicted. This is part of my morning routine-everyday! No matter what the day holds I come and check my emails and a few other important items.

I feel convicted because the Bible says in Ecclesiaties to "Redeem the time". Am I doing that? Probably not. Is it wrong to get on this computer so often...well, I don't believe that it's wrong but I do know that it can become first place very quicly and that's when it does become wrong.

I came across a blog with a unique challenge and know that it is the Lord trying to tell me something. Beki, over at The Rusted Chain has an "Unplug It" challenge going. One day a week, one day a week, she challenges us to unplug something(s) that is basically a waste of our time. I think that its an awesome (albeit if not difficult) challenge. I can do this though, and so can you!!

We have no TV so that isn't a distraction for us, but the computer, oh the computer...that is something else!! So, I will be challenging myself to (gulp) remove myself from the computer for ONE DAY each week. Wouldn't my kiddos be surprised if they could wake up and  not find me sitting at the computer?! What would they think? Or how about not runing to my cell eveytime it buzzes letting me know that I've just received yet another email...

I'm not sure what day I will pick yet, maybe Thursday cause hubby is home early that day?! But I will pick one and I'll use that time to spend more time with my family...always a better choice!!! Won't you join me?!

Lovin' Learnin'


  1. Ok girl.. I REFUSE to follow you! I'm digging in my heels! Ok.. maybe I'll come along side you knowing the Lord has convicted me as well. Keep me posted on your progress.

  2. Don't worry, I'm diggin' in my heels too...but do need to follow the Lord's matter how difficult!! (sniff, sniff...)

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I really appreciate it.


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