Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Glimpse of our 4th

Our 4th was a crazy busy one what with church services in the morning followed by a lunch afterwards with a special service in our English church and then after a quick nap and letting out of the new puppy it was back to church for our evening service. Just thinking about it makes me tired…it was a very beautiful day though and an even more beautiful night! Here area  few pictures of our time watching the fireworks.

DSCN2560Brother checking out the fireworks!  DSCN2558 Gorgeous isn’t it?!

DSCN2566 Safe in her Daddy’s arms! She was very scared at first, so scared that she wouldn’t even look at the fireworks…unless it was through her fingers! After a little while she warmed up to them and seemed to enjoy them as much as we did!


We LOVE our country!!

I don’t know why we didn’t get any pictures of the big girls but they were there too! So, how was your 4th?


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