Monday, July 19, 2010

Working on Narration

In order to get more acquainted with narration I made a narration jar for our family to use. DSCN2421I made a label, scrounged up an old Mason Jar and made some narration slips to go inside. Some of the narration activities are:
  • Draw a picture of a scene from your reading.
  • Set up a scene from the story with your blocks.
  • Model something from the story using play-dough.
  • Narrate into the tape recorder.
  • Narrate orally to Mama.
  • Write down five sentences about what you read.
  • Tell me about another story or event that reminds you of what you just read about. Write down three sentences about what you read.
  • You have 10 minutes to plan a short skit from what you read.
  • If you were giving a test on this reading, what are three questions you would ask? Skip the narration today.
  • Write a letter (or e-mail) to Grandma about the reading you did today.
  • Tell me what you think is going to happen next, and why.
We also have used a narration cube which the children absolutely love!!
DSCN2427 I borrowed Littlest’s cute book basket-she now uses another-and now my Jar, Cube and current family read-aloud have a pretty little home!
This page has some great information on Narration if you’re interested in more!


  1. Great idea... where do I start? How do I get my 7yr old to narrate in a limited time frame. She would love this but spend an hour! Ideas?

  2. Monica,
    Read some of the Miss Mason Monday posts on narration...there are two. Also, when first starting out (like we are) we can't expect perfection at first! We need to be patient, ask questions if we need to. "What happened when...," "Tell me about this character", "draw a picture about what you read today" etc. Don't make a big deal about it and they will stay relaxed. Have her narrate after you have just read a small portion (1 paragraph in the beginning) and work your way up. Print out the narration cube as it makes it seem more like a game than "work." But whatever you do do it slowly and gently. It takes time (as I am seeing) but you WILL see progress!!


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