Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pre-school Ruby Slippers Style week 2

So we made it through week 1! In Brother’s opinion it was a raving success!! He has been waiting to do more work all weekend! So, here is what we did today.
Letter Aa
We introduced the letter with another “textile” card. We briefly talked about letter formation for both capital and small letter Aa.
DSCN2735 We then read the Letter Aa book. We talked as we read about the different sounds that ‘a’ can make such as the short sound, the long sound and the r-controlled sound.DSCN2736 Our activity was to take our own sound box and search through our home looking for things that begin with any ‘a’ sound. It was harder than I thought but we wound a few things.DSCN2728 After our hunt we separated our items into groups depending upon the sound the letter ‘a’ made at the beginning of the word. We ended up with three groups (the three mentioned at the top of this post.)
DSCN2729 Our Bible verse for this week is Colossians 3:23. I have to say that the verse made up rebus style really helped Brother in memorizing last week and I hope that the continuing weeks are as successful.
Brother's Bible Verses
After we were done he spent quite a bit of time practicing his archery skills in our living room!
That was all that we have done but he has thoroughly enjoyed it and is right now asking me to do more! Gotta love that!

I did create a few things for him and I will post those as soon as I can get them uploade to Scribd. It takes some time to figure all of this stuff out! Whew...now, gotta go and spend some time with the kiddos! They owe me some narrations!!
Lovin' Learnin'

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