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TenMarks Math Program, TOS Crew Review

The Product:
Ten Marks is an online math program that can be used as a full curriculum or a supplement. From their website:

"How it Works:
TenMarks is the only online math program that helps students refresh, learn and master math concepts - in their own time, at their own pace. Each child receives a personalized curriculum to help them master concepts quickly."

This program can be used from grades 3 - High School and covers over 300 core skills. There are also videos and hints available for the child to use to help her learn a skill better if she is having trouble understanding.

Screen shot from the 3rd grade estimation worksheet.
The McMama Experience: I had never heard about this company before this review. I honestly wasn't even sure that I would like it but boy was I wrong. When I received the email information I told my daughter how it would work. Here is what I told her:
  1. You are going to be using a math program to help you with some skills for this year.
  2. You will be assigned 4 worksheets to do.
  3. They will be due by "this" date. (The program sets the due date up for you, generally a week is given.)
  4. Once you complete "x" amount of worksheets you will automatically receive a reward. The program allows the parent to set up their own rewards and also use TenMark's games as rewards. You decide how many worksheets have to be completed before a reward is awarded.
We watched the intro. video and she became so excited about this that she immediately began working on her first two worksheets. The first skills she worked on were counting and number patterns and place value through the 1,000. She did utilize a few of the hints while working on these worksheets and I did have to explain them a little to her but she scored great! I went back later and watched the video on place value and will prompt her to use the videos more since I thought it was done very well but, again, I will have to explain to her a few of the terms that the man in the video uses.

Student account home page.
Now Biggest is a very reluctant learner so for us, this was a Mom and daugther thing. I needed to sit with her and help her through the worksheets or else she just couldn't get it. Now, TenMarks seems to lean toward the more critical thinking skill side of math so that may be why, but someone else's child may not have a problem with it.

I love a few things about this program:
  • Other than explaining a few concepts here and there most children should be able to use this pretty independently.
  • The due date is set up automatically giving both Mom and child accountability. If you don't get all worksheets done by the due date then only enough new worksheets to meet the limit you have already set will be generated.
  • Mom sets up the rewards! You choose how many worksheets will need to be completed before the reward can be used. The reward can be anything! You can even upload a picture of say, your child eating a cookie, if that will be her reward.
  • Mom and Dad get a clear understanding of their child's strength and weaknesses with the detailed report cards.
  • You can change the curriculum around by moving say, deeper multiplication skills worksheets towards the end of the curriculum if you do not want your child to delve into that yet. Works great if you are just using this as a supplement and your core curriculum doesn't go into that skill until after the TenMarks curriculum has automatically placed it.
  • You can even remove some skills altogether if you so desire.
  • I LOVE how the student has access to videos and hints. It's like having your own tutor at home!
  • You can set up an assessment to customize this curriculum for your child.
  • Have vacation coming up? Don't worry about it! You can put this program on hold until you get back and are ready to jump in again!
  • You can even compare TenMarks to your state's standards.
  • I really appreciated that we were able to cover some things that she hadn't yet learned. It was difficult but good exposure.
  • Quick responding customer service!!!
What I didn't like:

Okay, I didn't really "not like" anything but here are a few things that I thought needed to be mention to make this a fair review.
  • I didn't like that I couldn't stop the worksheets so that Biggest could work on some of the past skills. It did seem to feel like we were just completing worksheet after worksheet and weren't given enough time to review.
  • I would like to have an option of lowering the worksheets to even 1 or 2 so that more review could be done.
  • Some of the videos that we used were so wordy that even I had trouble following the explainations that were being given.
  • The work did seem to be quite advanced for the level we were on. Not that it was a bad thing I just was a little suprised at it.
  • It was a while before I knew that any tests existed. There are no notifications for tests like what you get with the worksheets.

Partial report card that shows strengths and scores.
The Breakdown:
I personally love this and hope you do too!
There are few ways that you can purchase TenMarks:
 $49 for 6 months
 $89 for 1 year
If you are unsure about this maybe just try TenMarks for a month for $10 to see how it fits you and your family. But if you totally love it as I do then the $89 for 1 year is definitely the more cost effective approach.
You can also do a free trial if you really don't want to pay anything at all yet!


**Any products reviewed by me as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew have been given to me free of charge in order for me to provide you with an honest review of the product and/or how we used the product within our family. I do not receive any other form of compensation for the reviews posted on this blog.**

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  1. Very well thought out review; it is nice to get a perspective on the elementary level, as my sons used Algebra 2.


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