Thursday, January 27, 2011

Deuteronomy 4:9

      In reading these first few chapters of Deuteronomy it's easy to understand why God told this, through Moses, to the Isrealite children. They often seemed to forget the awesome acts that God had done for them and instead focused on the obstacles that they found in their way. It's been frustrating to me to simply read about their lack of faith in Him...mainly because I see so much of myself in them. When things get tough, I too tend to forget. I too tend to focus on the obstacles instead of the Lord and what I know He has done and is capable of doing for me.

      What about you? Do you tend to focus too much on the troubles? I'm telling you-and myself-if we would just keep our eyes on Christ and remember the great acts that He has done our faith and trust will grow.

      How can we share the wonderful miracles in our own lives with our children if we are too caught up in the difficult? When the spies returned from sizing up the promised land, the Isrealites paid more attention to the report of giants than of the great things that were there...and the fact that God said He'd give it to them. They focused on the "impossibles" instead of the One Who can do all. It was a mistake which they later realized and tried to fix but paid for with their lives. I wonder though what impression that left on the children. There they were, getting ready to see the God of their fathers work a miracle, an "impossible" and instead their parents lost faith and the children missed out on seeing their God work.

      It's like that in our lives too. When we loose faith and think that "this" or "that" can't be done our children miss out on seeing God work. How sad that is.

      I feel challenge personally to have more faith in my God. To keep my eyes on Him and not on my circumstances, so that I can be reminded of what an awesome God I serve and can in turn tell it to my children.

      What about you? Do you need to take a step back and evaluate how your faith has been lately? Are you trusting in the Lord, knowing that He can do the impossible, or are you letting fear reign in your hearts?

      God's waiting to do miracles in our lives, to use us to show His mighty power. Let's not be like the children of Israel and miss out because we were too busy seeing the giants of this world to see the greatness of God.

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  1. How encouraging... We all need reminded of His faithfullness. Thanks for sharing... talk to you soon!


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