Monday, January 31, 2011

Homeschooling while pregnant or with a there a different way to homeschool?

Long title, I know. But honestly, every couple of years I am pregnant or have a baby in the house. Homeschooling while Preggo/or with a small baby is pretty much the norm around here. How do we do it? Well,, I gotta think about it! How do we do it?

1. Give priority to what is important.
During pregnancy, unless you're one of those who stays sick for long periods of time (I, thankfully, am not one of them) it's pretty much business as usual around here. There were times when I did have to cut some of the work short because my tired body was in need of a nap but for the most part I was always good to go.

Oh, and that extra burst of energy that most preggies get always seems to come at the best of times!!

Now if you have a baby things can get a little more complicated, but again, priorities ladies. That little adorable pumpkin that you hold in your arms won't stay small for long (nor will he sleep that long and that much for long) so, take advantage of the down times and enjoy the times when he's awake and sweetly cooing and just being cute. While nursing or bottke feeding have a child read to you or you read to them. If the baby is down then take advantage of the time and cram as much teaching that you can into that 45 minute nap! Go on, full speed, you can do it!!

2. Keep a sense of humor!
This one is hard for me because I am the "it's all business and no play until we're done" kind of a gal. I like to work when it's time to work and play if we have time. My kids force me to let loose every once and a while because, well, because they're kids and kids are just funny sometimes. But seriously though, try to keep an upbeat attitude. If you only accomplish math all morning because that cute little pumpkin woke up cranky from his 45 minute nap then say hey, we've done what we can for now and will finish what we can later. One of the beauties of homeschooling is that you can do that Language Lesson right before bed!

3. Remember to take advantage of life.
Because that's what you can do when the cranky pumpkin won't cooperate. Use that time to teach your older children how a Mother responds to the needs of her child. Teach them how to love and snuggle the baby when he needs it. Show those girls...and to change a diaper-hey, that future dad's gonna change a few of 'em too right? Let them take part in rocking the baby or reading a short book to him. Get them down on the floor to play with the baby. Let the big ones help with feeding time (well, not nursing of course although the best advertisement for passing on that healthy tradition to your children is to expose them to it), bath time is a good time to teach about cleanliness and parts of the body. Let your kinders pick out a matching pj outfit or bring you four more diapers to fill up your basket. The opportunities for learning are endless!!!

And remember, even in public school they have classes called "Life Skills" and one of the things they do is practice taking care of a "baby" (mine, in Jr. High was an egg). An actual baby is much more effective I do have to say.

And lastly...

4. To everything there is a season.
Know that all too soon this stage will be gone and you might just wish that you'd enjoyed and relished it a little more. So, enjoy the season of life that you are in! It's good for us all!

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  1. I enjoyed reading your post, great ideas.

  2. Interesting thoughts :o) I am one of those mamas who is sick for an extended period of time. And I am pregnant with baby #11 who will be born a couple of weeks after my eldest turns 17! I have been pregnant and/or nursing since November 1993 except for 2 months in 1995! Things don't always work out how I plan them, but somehow, they always work out! I am just walking by on the blog walk with TOS and am a new follower :)

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  4. I remember how things were with a baby, sometimes I miss it, but I'm really enjoying this season of my life now.

  5. Lol, at your title! I'm finally not homeschooling while pregnant or with a baby so one day there may be a different way!


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