Friday, January 7, 2011

See N Read: TOS Crew Review

The Product:
Originally designed to help her youngest daughter  become a better reader (our daughter seems to struggle in the same areas that her daughter did) the SEE-N-READ reading tool is now used to help many children gain confidence in reading.

SEE-N-READ Reading Tools help readers see, focus, and remember what they read. Using this tool readers are better able to track text with their eyes and to smoothly move between the words being read even when changing lines. This naturally increases their fluency and comprehension. Using SNR tool, readers are able to focus on manageable "chunks" of information in each line of text. SNR tool also increases memory as the tool allows readers to control their eye movements across the text on a page. The focus is put back on the material being read and not on keeping their place on the page.

The SNR tool went through two years of pilot programs in Texas and Illinois, researched-based, Non-toxic; bpA, lead and phthalate free and meets FDA standards and MADE IN THE USA!!


The McMama Experience:
Our oldest has always shown some signs of dyslexia and those signs have become more prominent the older she has become. Thankfully because she had one on one attention during her early phonics years by being taught at home, she doesn't struggle with sounding out words but she does struggle with the ability to read in a flowing manner and she often skips words, suffixes, articles and lines. I have been at a loss at what to do to help her correct this then we received the SEE-N-READ tool to review.

DAY 1: When Biggest used this for the first time she made 0 mistakes!!! Woohoo!! Then I had her remove the See-n-Read so that I could see how she did without it; 6 or 7 mistakes was the result. After struggling through half of the page I decided to have her put the S-n-R back on the page and she continued for the next page and a half with only 2 mistakes! This looks promising...very promising!!

A FEW WEEKS LATER: We have been using this tool for a while and I have to say that I LOVE it!! I can easily see a noticeable difference in Biggest's reading. She skips far fewer words, doesn't leave off suffixes like she does normally and is better able to keep at the correct place.

Honestly, she doesn't enjoy using it cause she doesn't like having to hold the thing in place but children do not often enjoy those things that are the most help for them. :) I see an extreme difference when this tool is brought out so we will continue to utilize this tool in our homeschool.

The times that I have used the SNR tool I have found that my eyes feel noticeably relaxed and, well, they just feel good.

We have also used the SNR tool during math with success as well. It helps her to focus on what place she is working on (1's, 10's, 100's, 1000's) and allows her to keep accurate track of trading etc.

I've also been able to utilize the eSeeNRead with some success as well. This is actually downloaded to your computer so that you can use it while reading online documents. I think that this would prove more helpful to those who do lots of online reading in the form of ebooks or long articles. Using it to read a short news article didn't really do too much for me personally. Still a great tool however!

The Breakdown:
This tool would benefit any readers who skip words or lines or have trouble focusing their eyes. (Ever hear, "Mommy, the words are moving.") Readers who have reading performance or skill deficiencies would also highly benefit from using the SNR tool. People who are required to read large amounts of detailed material would find that this tool can ease strain and help with concentration as well.

The See-N-Read and Memorymark products are available in single packs up to classroom packs of 25 and range in price from $2.99 for a single book size tool to $69.99 for a pack of 25 document size tools.  The downloadable eSee-N-Read is priced at $29.99 for a download that can be used on a single computer, $69.99 for a three computer download or $99.99 for a five computer download.

Also available are the following:
Memory Mark
With the Memory Mark tool,you get  all of the same great benefits of the SNR plus note-taking, underlining and highlighting capabilities. The clear ReadBar is cut out so that you can mark your text without moving the tool back and forth. Great for high school and college students!!
This tool offers the same benefits of SEE-N-READ right on your PC. Plus, its size, shape and depth of color can be modified to suit your materials, environment and equipment. You can even use it with a PC-driven projector or interactive whiteboard.

The SEE-N-READ products are available from these retailers.
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**Any products reviewed by me as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew have been given to me free of charge in order for me to provide you with an honest review of the product and/or how we used the product within our family. I do not receive any other form of compensation for the reviews posted on this blog.**

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  1. I think I'm going to have to get one for Arianna. Is it really better than an piece of paper or homemade book mark? Hope all is well.

  2. B had fun using the this to read books and some of our science lessons on the computer. I noticed he did not skip so many words in the sentence when he used the See-N-Read.


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