Monday, January 10, 2011

Easy Classical, Modern History: TOS Review

The Product:
This review is for the Modern History Era Schedule from the Easy Classical curriculum. From their website:

"Do you like the idea of Classical Education, but find it hard to implement? We can help! Easy Classical provides a variety of resources for teachers and homeschool mothers who desire to teach within the classical framework. We provide schedules, writing guides, copybooks, and geography curriculum all integrated for ease of use and increased retention."

The McMama Experience:
My first impressions of this schedule was, "Wow, this actually does look easy!" Every thing looked laid out and ready for you to just open up and read so that you know what was to be done that day.

The Introduction has been done so well. It lays out the basic schedule for you so that you get a good idea as to how the schedule will look before you even see it.

The schedule lays out each week's work along with any necessary comprehension questions and needed materials all on the same page. Icons are used to remind the parent about narrations that are required, songs to be listened to and written work that is scheduled. This makes knowing what lays ahead for the week very organized and easy to see. Following the schedule for the week is the Comprehension Quiz that can be done orally or written depending on the ability of your child. View a samle of the schedule here.

This program integrates many commonly used history readers and texts along with many of Susan Wise Bauer's suggestions from her book, The Well-Trained Mind. It is actually recommened to read through the elementary portion of that book prior to beginning this course so that you can gain a good understanding of how the course will flow and why it flows the way it does.

The Breakdown:
The schedule can be purchased in two formats:
  • Notebook Version - $35.95
  • Digital Version - $29.95
In order to complete the entire program you will also need to purchase the following two items:

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