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Speekee:TOS Review

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The Product:
Speekee is an immersion type Spanish language program similar in some ways to Sesame Street. The program utilizes puppets, animation and real people to engage children and guide them on the road to learning Spanish. The videos are 100% in Spanish with optional English or Spanish subtitles.

Having been available in DVD format since its creation, the people over at Speekee are now launching the online version that I am reviewing today.

The McMama Experience:
Honestly when I first found out that I would be reviewing this program I wasn't thrilled or impressed. At first glance my husband and I kind of looked at each other and rolled our eyes. I thought that this program was going to be ineffective, boring and not useful to us at all.

I have to tell you that I was sorely wrong! Speekee has gained a loved place in the hearts of my children! I find myself intersted in each episode as well, singing the very catchy songs and simply enjoying the Speekee experience.

Speekee is great for a number of reason:
  • From the very beginning my children were learning full sentences. They've learned sentences such as , "Me llamo," "Donde estas?" "I don't know", "What do you want?" "Where are we going" and much more.
  • Repetition is a big emphasis here! The children are prompted by the TV characters to respond themselves in Spanish to a question that was just asked. Which has increased memorization.
  • It has taught my children Spanish quicker and more effectivley than any other program we've tried and this year alone we've gone through two very popular programs. Speekee has done what the other programs couldn't!
  • There are worksheets that the children can work on after they are done with each TV episode.
  • Since it is recorded in a Spanish speaking country my kids have gotten to see some of the differences between the two countries. They are UK based so some of the words and pronunciation are different than the Spanish we are use to here in the States but I think that just adds to the personality and character of the program.
  • The songs are so catchy!!!
  • Speekee is loved by all four of my children ages 2, 5, 7 and 9. I love to hear Littlest say, "Quiero Peekee Mommy." They all then run and gather around the computer screen trying to get the best spot to watch the puppet and kids that they have come to enjoy so much!
  • Yes, even the children in the episodes have become friends to my children. They are great to watch!
The Breakdown:
If you've been wanting your young children to begin learning Spanish this is the place to start!! For the online version Speekee is $7.50/month.

There are also DVDs available however since Speekee is produced in the UK they use the PAL format for color encoding. US and Canadian systems use the NTSC format. Many but not all of our dvd players will accommodate the Speekee dvds but you will need to check your equipment before purchasing.

Our family has fallen in love with Speekee and it will be hard to say, "Adios, adios, adios mi amigo adios." to him when our time is up so I am looking into purchasing Speekee online for our family. Try it for yourself. I know you will love it as much as we do.


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  1. I had the same thought you did at the beginning, not too sure how it would go over. My kids loved it and are sad there are not more episodes.

  2. You make this sound like a fun way to learn Spanish.

  3. ¡Hola McMama y familia! Jim here, the one in Speekee, dropping by to say MUCHAS GRACIAS for your glowing review of Speekee TV. ESTOY MUY CONTENTO (-; (-;


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