Monday, October 11, 2010

Talking Fingers:TOS Review

The Product:

I am reviewing the Talking Fingers software called Read, Write and Type. This is a program that integrates phonics, spelling and typing at the same time. It is geared toward the K-3rd bunch ages ranging from 6-9.

From their website, "In the RWT!™ program CD (steps 1-7), a mischievous computer villain called Vexor tries to steal the letters and prevent the storytellers from writing down their stories. Two Helping Hands, Lefty and Rightway, help children foil Vexor through 40 exciting levels, building hundreds of animated sentences and stories as they go. Children are rewarded with certificates of advancement after every four letters. In the Spaceship Challenge CD (steps 8-12), Vexor takes children inside his spaceship and challenges them to engaging kill-strengthening games."

There are 12 steps that this program takes the child through to teach them to read, write and type. You can read more about the 12 steps here.

The McMama Experience:

I used this with both Biggest (age 8.5) and Big Sis (age 7). They both have 100% enjoyed this product!! I have also seen a noticable improvement in Biggest's typing since we began this. Case in point, while at the library the other day she went to the computer to search for a book. As I stood there watching her I noticed that she carefully placed her fingers on the home row and then proceeded to type in the words using the proper fingers! I was so surprised and completely impressed!! I'd tried other typing programs before with her but she would complain after a while that they were boring or too hard, but she has never complained with RW&T! I have also never seen these results with any other program!!

This has also been an extra plus for her as she is dysgraphic and has a very hard time with writing. This program gently gets her to write and spell simply by the press of a button. This removes the pressure that writing has always been to her.

The Breakdown:
Pros -
  • Printable progress reports that show whether students are having difficulty at the level of phonemic awareness and phonics or whether their problems lie in Spelling or Reading Comprehension.
  • We can also set a passable percentage for each level so that if a student fails to reach that level the program prompts them to "practice games" to review necessary information. They can then go through the failed level again to try and pass a second time.
  • Spelling, writing and typing are integrated in a fun and effective way!!
  • The kids LOVE it and show improvement in these areas!!
Cons -
  • Honestly I can't really think of any!! :) Honest!
Pricing Information:
Read, Write & Type - Online Edition - 1 user $35.00; 2 users $55.00; 3 users $70.00; 4 users $85.00; 5 users $100.00

CD Version: $79.00 (not compatible with Windows 7 or Mac 10.6)

When looking at the price remember that this product covers three subjects!! It's worth it!!!

I would recommend this to any parent who is looking or a fun, no pressure way of reenforcing what your children are learning with phonics and spelling. This is a wonderful way to add in the imporant skill of typing and it's done in such a way that the children do not realize that learning is going on!!

I would HIGHLY recommend this product to any parent who has a child with a learning disorder. My daughter has thrived with this program because it takes the pressure off of learning very important material and delivers it in a managable, "Hey I you can do this" way!!

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