Friday, October 8, 2010

Digital Frog, TOS Crew Review

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Have you been wanting to take your children on a field trip to the desert but live in Oregon? Have you felt that a visit to the rainforest would fit in nicely with your science studies but don't even want to think about the cost of plane tickets (or the bugs)? Or maybe at trip to the wetlands would be what your field trip deprived children have been in need of but you just aren't up to it?
Well the guilt can end because Digital Frog International can solve each of those problems with ease.

The Product:

I had never heard of this product before the Crew so I wasn't sure what to except. For this review I was asked to use the following product:
 Digital frog is a natural science product that brings learning to life.
Digifrog Rainforest
From their website,"Since 1995, Digital Frog International has been creating award-winning natural science educational software. From a full, interactive virtual frog dissection and anatomy program to teaching about some of the world's most fascinating ecosystems.
Using a mix of encyclopedic information with learning through discovery and interaction, we strive to make learning science fun and accessible to all students.
These programs are incredible resources for classroom teachers and homeschoolers as well as for anyone with an interest in the natural sciences.
Digifrog Wetlands
The McMama Experience:
My kids LOVED this! They were all gathered around the computer focused on each habitat and species we encountered. Although their ages range from 5 to 8 and a half they all got something out of it. (Although the 5 year old's was almost all amusement).

I loved the interaction this DVD offers. You can learn about the different species of animals, plants and their habitat in great depth. The information flows terrifically from one area of the field trip to another. This easily covers geography, science and vocabulary and you can throw in narration and critical thinking if you ask your children what you learned when your session is over.

For the Rain Forest field trip there were 24 learning posts with tons of links to learn more and that equaled lots of information so we split the session up into two field trips.

I can see this product easily satisfying the need of the science/animal lover in your life!!

The Breakdown:
  • This can be used for students of all ages although what they each "take away" from it will differ greatly.
  • Very interactive.
  • Extremly informative about the animals, the ecosystem and habitats.
  • You get to "visit" areas that you would otherwise not be able to easily travel to. 
  • Not easily naviagtable. The menu system and navigation is more on the difficult side for younger users. Mom and Dad would have to help the younger crowd with getting around the program. (Not too bad for us since we liked doing it with the children but just wanted to mention it.)
  • The price-it is a bit high I know but if you think about all that you get it could be worth it!
Pricing Information:
Home License: $125.00 (licensed for home use only); Family Home Use License for up to 3 computers: $135.00; Lab packs and unlimited site licenses also available just click on the link above to be taken to their pricing information page.
Digifrog Desert
Minimum System Requirements
—G3 300 , MAC OSX 10.3.9 or later, 30 MB MB of available RAM.
—Pentium II with Windows 2000, XP or Vista, 32 MB RAM (64 recommended).

Purchase online here or you can purchase from one of the many US, Canadian or International distributors.

Lovin' Learnin'
**Any products reviewed by me as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew have been given to me free of charge in order for me to provide you with an honest review of the product and/or how we used the product within our family. I do not receive any other form of compensation for the reviews posted on this blog.**


  1. Hey great review! Hope all is going well.

  2. We were lucky enough to review this product too, and LOVED it! My boys took it to their room and spent forever with it. lol

  3. Great review! You cover a lot of info in a small amount of space. Yahoo! Have a wonderfully blessed day!

  4. Great review! We really enjoyed it as well.
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