Sunday, October 3, 2010

HOD Week in Review-Unit 30

This unit was all about life in the wagon trail! The kids said often that they wished that they would have been alive during those times. They think that it would have been neat to experience what the pioneers did. As for me, I'm not sure I'm brave enough to say that I would have loved it! It would be neat to take a real glimpse at what life was like but to actually expierence all of it-first hand-I'm just not sure!! If the Lord ever calls this family to the mission field I'd have a lot of praying to do huh?!!

Anyway, here are some glimpses at a little of their work:

Big Sis with her poem. They love doing these things because they love to draw!!!

Adding the Orgeon Trail to our timeline. It's different than the plans in the HOD guide but it allows us to add information from all of our studies to the timeline. I plan to post more on it when I get a chance!!

 An official Ruby Slipper's replica of a Pioneer home from the 1800's!!! Isn't it cute?!!
This is one of the many things that she does while we are doing school work with the girls! She wants to be a big girl too!!

I am going to be taking the next two weeks off HOD work as we will be doing a Christopher Columbus unit study in honor of Columbus day. The Mr. Linky's will still be open for all of you though!! I'm truly enjoying your experiences! Thanks for sharing them with us!!

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