Sunday, October 3, 2010

Right Start Math

We have been using RightStart Math for just over a year now. The approach is a mental math approach similar to Singapore Math but, in my opinion, much more user friendly. It is set up for the teacher in a similar format to many of your more traditional curriculums. The lessons plans are all laid out for you and much of the necessary dialogue for the parent is included.

RS Math is loaded with hands on learning and many card games to reduce drill while still implementing review. The time it takes to teach a lesson is a little on the long side but since it is loaded with hands-on work the children don't seem to mind.

This is Big Sis's first year with RS Math and we are using Level B with her. Since this is such a huge manual all by itself with so much foundationl work and RS specific methods grounded during this manual we are taking our time and spreading it out over two years. For Big Sis we do half a lesson at each sitting and this pace is wonderful!!

Here she is working on the lesson introducing even and odd.
First she laid out the even and odd orange dot cards in order with the even cards a little higher than the odd. She then put a label under each card telling wether it was an even number or an odd number. The dot cards help her to see that the odd numbers have one left over while the even numbered dots are all paired up.
 After she did that she went over each one carefully to make sure that she had the right labels with the right cards.

Then using the RS specific abacus she counted by two's starting with even numbers and then with odd numbers.

That was the end of our lesson for even and odd numbers. Pretty fun huh? She enjoyed it and LOVES math!!

Lovin' Learnin'

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