Saturday, August 23, 2008

Week 6 of school

So, we've made it through 6 weeks of school and have encountered many different emotions thus far!! Some are joy, excitement, happiness, contentment, others not so glamorous, frustrations, impatience, discouragement...and then there are the feelings the kids have! :)

It's actually been a good year so far and both of the girls are making wonderful progress. Biggeest Sister's reading skills are improving daily and she is tackling two vowel words with a little more confidence. She has thoroughly enjoyed math this year and has really gotten the hang of adding and subtracting...but I think that is because the math curriculum we are using is so hands on and she likes that!! It's more hands on than book work and that always makes her smile!! She hasn't complained much at all about her penmanship work (which is a huge improvement from last year!!) although we still are very relaxed about how much she has to write. Spelling is moving along well and we are mainly focusing on spelling one vowel words and some sight words.

Biggest Sister working on penmanship.
Big Sister is coming along well with her phonics although we are moving at a very slow pace so as not to burn her out and she is only 4 so we have plenty of time!!! It's
amazing though how well she catches on to math!!! So much of the time she doesn't seem to be very awake up there (if you know what I mean) but when it comes to math she catches on quickly!! She doesn't get that from me!!!

Big Sisterin the middle of her lesson on greater than/less than.

They both have enjoyed history. We are going through the Bible chronologically and they have loved hearing all about the stories straight from the Bible!! I've been surprised at how much they've enjoyed it but I am glad that they are!!

Here are the girls making their "golden calf" just like the children of Israel prompted Aaron to do in the book of Exodus. Although, unlike the children of Israel, the girls made theirs out of peanut butter playdough...which was pretty tasty!!!

Each week the girls memorize a Bible verse that goes along with the week's theme. This past week it was Matt. 22:37. I had been recording them onto a cassette tape to save but our cassette player doesn't work right now so I decided to record them and put it up on the blog. Here is a video clip of each of them.

Some days aren't so fun and some days are but all in all it's been a good year so far! I'm excited to see what the Lord has instore for us in the near future!!

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