Saturday, August 2, 2008

7/28-8/1 Our week in school

Well, we've wrapped up another week and are looking forward to a week's break. We've been working hard since June 3 days a week so that we could get some extra time in before the baby comes but now it's time to begin a "full" schedule of 5 days a week. I've decided to give the kids one last break's a treat for me too!! I've got some chores I want to finish up before little one arrives.

Anyway, we had a good week of school. One of the highlights was a math lesson we did this week. We made a "number line" on the kitchen floor using masking tape and marked the numbers with index cards. Then I had Biggest Sister work out her addition problems using her new webkinz (thanks Auntie Lisa) to jump to the answer. She really seemed to enjoy it and what a way to make math more...concrete!!

Big Sister and Brother just had to get in on the fun as well!! They were begging to "do math" as well. So they all were able to practice their math using the number line. We'll definetely be doing that again!!!

Another thing that we did that was SO much fun was fish!!! Okay, so not REALLY fish but the kids enjoyed it as much as the real thing...and it wasen't near as stinky!! To practice spelling words with Biggest Sister and phonics with Big Sister I used some laminated fish that I had on hand (and they were already prepared with magnets on the nice!) to play "Go fish." They used a pencil with a magnet attatched to pick up the fish. They could keep the fish if they could read the word that was on the backside of the fish. What a SUPER EASY way to get them to practice their words! And they did well!!!

We've been going through the life of Moses for History, Science and Bible. We acted out Moses and the burning bush this week and the kids had a blast!! Here they are wrapped up in red streamer pretending to be the burning bush while I was Moses. I love that Heart of Dakota brings the Bible to life in a way such as this!! The kids are really enjoying this part of the curriculum!!

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