Saturday, August 2, 2008

My little blessings!!!

So okay, things are kinda hard for me lately. What kind of things? know...the basic things like walking, standing, bending, waking up etc!!!! Some days I feel VERY overwhelmed and others it's not so difficult.

Well, a few times this week Alayna has just shown me what a sensitive heart she has and how much she wants to help. It was lunch time and she said, "Mommy, can I make lunch for us today?" My first thought was "Oh, the mess..." (typical right?!) But then I thought, "Hey, she WANTS to help, let her!!! She's a mighty 6 years old I think she can handle it!" So I said sure!! And what a blessing to my soul it was to sit back and watch her prepare our sandwiches, chips and carrots and dip...all the while smiling like only Alayna can. How thankful I am to have such a sweet little girl.

Well, it gets better!! A few days later the kids were playing Cinderella (yes, even Sammy but I think he was the Dad!!) Anyway, before I knew it they were "water mopping" the kitchen floor and wiping down the cabinets. Was it perfect? No, but again it was so sweet!! They kept saying things like, "We're helping you right Mommy?" and "We're gonna do this so you don't have to!"

How blessed I am!!!! Most days I feel exhausted and stretched to my limits and then the Lord sends me moments like this. Moments in which I can remember that He sees and knows just what I need, what kind of reminders I need to show me that not only does He see my needs, but He takes care of them. Only this time it was through my precious children!!

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