Saturday, August 23, 2008

Month 8...and counting!!!

So here we are at week 33. Boy am I ever ready to get to the magic week 40!!! I keep expecting the final surge of energy to come but it's no where in sight!! I'm pretty beat most of the time...and pretty huge too so that might have something to do with it!!!

At our last doctor's visit we found out that my iron levels are going up finally! Yay!! That's a good thing!! So all of what we are doing is beginning to pay off. Everything with the baby looks great so if we can keep the iron rising we will have much less to be concerned with come "game day!!"

As far as names are concerned we aren't any closer to deciding really. We've got a new one though Juliana Grace. Jerry actually likes that one!! So it's down to Sophia or Juliana but I'm just not sure if Juliana is too close to Ariana. It's a very pretty name though...and we are praying that the Lord show us what name so I'm sure the one we pick will fit her perfectly.

Well, I've another appointment this coming Thursday so I'll update if there is any new info!!!


  1. Still lookin' pretty, Kris! Just a little looooooooonger! :D

  2. Baby here yet?? Waiting for NEWS!


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