Saturday, August 2, 2008

A new lapbook in progress

We are currently slowly working on a 5 senses lapbook. We only do it a couple times a week so it may take a little while to get the pictures of the lapbook up but here are some pictures of the kids doing a "scent" experiment.

I chose a few different scents (peanut butter, coffee, cinnamon and garlic to use for our experiment. I then put each in a seperate cup, covered them up and poked holes in the tops. I then set each item on a plate and had the children smell each and then smell the cups. They had to try and match the cups with one of the items on the plate using only their sense of smell. I was amazed that they all got them right!! Even Brother, although he had help from Biggest Sister.

Then we charted the results of what our favorite and least favorite sents were on a bar graph that they will put in their lapbooks. It was unanimous, they all liked the cinnamon smell and the girls hated the garlic...Brother said he liked it however.

We also worked on our sense of taste this week I just didn't take any pictures. The kids LOVED being blindfolded and having to taste four different tastes: bitter, (okay so they didn't like that one too well) sour, salty and sweet. Can you guess which taste they liked the most?!! We used cocoa powder, lemon, salt and sugar respectively. I wished I'd taken pictures cause they made some funny faces when it came to the lemons and cocoa. They were surprised that the chocolate wasn't sweet...and a little disappointed too.

This is a work in progress and I will be adding more to this blog as we go along so come back and check every now and then!!

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