Friday, August 1, 2008


So we've been to the doctor and all is well with this little one that we are expecting. The only problem is my anemia ( coupled with my habit to hemorrage it's not a good pair). I've been taking iron supplements since April but my iron level has actually fallen a little instead of increased. This is a concern according to my doctors because it puts me at greater risk of having a blood transfusion (again) after delivery. There's not much they can do and are really baffaled as to why the meds. haven't helped.
But as for me I am on an "Iron-rich foods" diet. Lots of legumes, red meat, dark green veggies and black strap molasses (it's a very good source of iron according to my midwife.) So, here I go to the grocery store to try to buy foods that are better as far as my iron is concerned. They are, however, planning on giving me a transfusion pre-delivery is my levels don't increase any at all. Remembering my delivery with Samuel I really don't want to have another transfuion!! It gave me a fever that I really didn't want at that time, I felt weak...very weak!!!
I know that the Lord is in control and as long as I am doing my part He will do the rest! So please pray that I continue on my diet and that my iron levels improve!! And Lord willing this time I won't have any hemorraging or transfusions!!
I'll keep you updated!

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