Friday, September 10, 2010

Our HOD week in review-Unit 28

This has been a very fun week of history here at our house! We've learned about Daniel Boone and how hard he and others worked to literaly create the Wilderness Road, a path basically, that led from Virginia, through the Cumberland Gap to Kentucky, a then new and fertile land.
We also have been journeying with a fictional family who were preparing to travel to Kentucky by way of the Wilderness Road. We've learned of the steps it takes to make a new dress for the daughter of the family and deerskin clothing for the boys.
We did go out one day and create a Wilderness Trail all of our own. Big Sis and Brother chose to mark their path with sticks and branches.
I also found a neat map outlining the Wilderness Road so I printed it off and we did some map work with it. I also had the girls narrate a little about what they knew about the Road as I wrote it down for them. (Writing is not so loved in our home so I will do some of it for both of them so that they can still have the opportunity to narrate as fully as they want.)
We've learned and colored a picture to go a long with the poem Farewell to the Farm by Robert Louis Stevenson as well. This poem is one of our favorites!

I don't have them set out to memorize the poems intentionally but do have the sheets that I've made up in their workboxes and they read through them daily. It is this simple task that actually does cause them to memorize much of the poem. I'm honestly amazed that it happens so easily!
And at their request I printed off two color sheets; one of Daniel Boone and one of an Indian girl.
The children have had so much fun with this unit!

Next week I hope to share some of what we've experience with DITHOR. Check out how others use HOD in their home here.

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  1. Did you type of the poem yourself and then add the little frame to illustrate it? Love it. You're farther along in Beyond than us, so it's fun to read what we have to look forward too. Thanks for hosting the Blog Roll for HOD.

  2. I'm enjoying your new BlogRoll.
    I am sharing with you the "beautiful blogger" award. Here is the link for details and the award button if you chose to post it:

  3. Edwena,

    Yes, I took some time this summer and made up a sheet for each poem left in Beyond. I wish I had done this last year as I feel we would have enjoyed the poems even more!! I can post what I have if you'd like to download them.

  4. THANK YOU Jennifer!! I appreciate the award! Going to look now!

  5. I would love the download but only if it wouldn't be too much trouble. I understand you're a busy momma.

  6. Looks like a fun week!!
    This may seem like a random question, but thought I would ask your opinion.
    My oldest is in K - for history we are going through and learning Bible stories - do you think I should introduce him to other history as well at this point? My thought process was that I wanted him to get the foundation of Biblical History first and then add in the other stuff, but now I'm not so sure --- do you have an opinion? or advice?

  7. Amber,

    In trying to remember what we did with our kiddos I do think that we concentrated on Bible History in the beginning, when they were the ages of your oldest.

    After just that first year though we did incorporate American History (Washington, Lincoln, Franklin etc.) because they were getting SO much Bible history from devotions, church, sunday school etc. so I wasn't worried about them missing out on any of that.

    I would say if your son shows interest in History and you feel that he has a good foundation in Bible history go ahead and add in some American History (or any history time period of your choice we just preferred starting with Amer. Hist.)

    You all always look like you have so much fun so no matter what you do I'm sure that your kiddos will have fun!!!

    Thanks for stopping by!!!


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