Saturday, September 4, 2010

Learning of Mr. Washington…

"How do you spell that?"
So I meant to have this posted earlier this afternoon as I am hosting the Blog Roll but, we had an emergency and I am just now getting to it. Please forgive me!! But, without further delay...

Our week in HOD has been a good one. We've been learning about George Washington and mainly focusing on how he took care of his home at Mt. Vernon. It didn't surprise me at all to find out that he was a very orderly, organized and thoughtful man. This made for great converstation opportunities with my children.

One of the activities for the week was to make a map of the land at Mt. Vernon. The girls were to follow my instructions as I verbally gave directions on where to place each farm on the map. These are some pictures.

Biggest's Map of Mt. Vernon
Big Sis's Map of Mt. Vernon

Diligently working on her map.

As with many HOD activities I wasn't sure that the girls would enjoy this map making and almost skipped it but and am glad that I (once again) trusted Mrs. Carrie Austin's judgement and knowledge and went ahead and tried it. This will be a great keepsake.

I was going to post some videos but I can't get them loaded so I will have to add them later.

Because it's so late and has been a crazy day I am going to leave our first blog roll post at that. Not really what I imagined/planned it to be but then again that's homeschool isn't it!!

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  1. Thanks for starting the blog roll. It is really great to watch everyone's year unfold through the blogs.

  2. I totally agree with you! There are some of the activities in HOD that I don't think that the kids will like at all and am tempted to skip, but they end up loving them every time! I guess that's why Carrie writes the curriculum and not me :)


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