Saturday, July 11, 2009

The 4th of July

This year we had a church wide picnic for the 4th. There was (like our Preacher likes to say) plenty of food, fun and fellowship!!

The highlight for many however was the soccer game!! It was great!!! The teams were extremely well matched and the action was constant!! I loved watching the game and was so tempted to try and play but I value my limbs so I decided against it!! I will say that those men can play some soccer!!!!!!!

Unfortunatley for Biggest Sister she wasn't feeling well at the game at all!! She did nothing but lay in Littlest Sister's stroller the whole time...which is NOT like her!! She didn't even want to go and see the fireworks because she felt so bad!! All she wanted to do was to go home!!!

After much lamenting over what to do we decided that it would be best to skip them this year and take Biggest home. Her sister and brother were not too happy about it but they sacrificially handled it well!!!

Once home I checked Biggest's temp and it was 102.3!!!! Ack!!! Poor little thing! No wonder she was miserable!! After a good dose of Children's Ibproufin and some rest she slowly returned to herself and was even smiling a little!!

So how did we end up spending our 4th? We stayed home, popped some popcorn, watched Madeline and lit some sparklers. Ya know what, it was a great time!!!!!!!! We even got to see some pretty nice fireworks being shot off in our area from our own front yard. It was a nice 4th!!

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