Thursday, July 30, 2009

Little Hands to Heaven

We've just wrapped up another wonderful week with our Preschool curriculum. Once again it was excellent! We had a great time beginning Unit 2. The poem is another HIT! To be honest with you they seem kind of simple to me and my first impression is that Brother won't like them but he has loved the two we've learned so far! That right there is the reason God did not call me to write this stuff!!!

Here is Brother cutting out two hands for his number notebook. It took us a while before we found some that he liked. He really is a picky little fella! But we finally found some and he did pretty well cutting them out...okay so I'm lying! I drew a circle around the hands so he would have something to follow and he didn't get any where near the circle! But I'm sure with practice he will get better! Hey, those hands are made for Legos, cars, trains and digging in the dirt!! ;) The finished product was nice and he seems pleased...or maybe he's just glad to be done with the scissors?!
Since our number was 2 I pulled out some number sheets that I had printed off a while back to use with him. They are the coolest sheets and he really loves them! The are number pages except the numbers look like roads and he uses his cars to drive them on the road carefully following the shape of the road/number. What a fun way for him to learn the formation of the number! All of these sheets get neatly tucked away in his very own notebook. He was so excited when we made this for him and loves to look through it at all the work that he's done! I can't wait to fill it with more memories of his Little Hands time! He also did some painting today while his sisters did their drawing.
I wrote out a captial 'B' and a small 'b' on a piece of paper for him to paint. He chose two colors: green and blue of course!! This was a fun activity for him as he loves anything that is easily made into a mess...although he was rather neat today! He did get a little carried away with the paint however and when he was finished the page just looked like one big blob of paint so once it dried I went over the letters with a black that's more like it!
Along with all of this fun stuff we read about Noah building the ark and emphasized how Noah obeyed exactly what God had commanded. It was perfect because during our family Bible time obedience was something that Daddy spent time on as well. Isn't it beautiful when the Lord weaves these lessons throughout many areas of our lives! He is awesome!
We had already read the Bible story and were getting ready to read through our devotion in the ABC Bible Book when Brother got up, went to get the New Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes down from it's perch and said, "I want to read this one Mommy, read about Noah again!" I tell you he loves this stuff! My prayer is that he not only loves it but that it's being hidden in his heart and that the Lord will use these little seeds later in his life for the honor and glory of God!

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