Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Design on a Dime"

We've lived in this house for 5 years and have ,just this summer, been able to redo our poor bathroom. (Shouts of praise to the Lord!!) My hubby worked so hard on it and it turned out great!!

We did find out that these walls are not very sturdy and weren't the best walls to try and attach a pedestal sink to! My poor husband ended up opening up a portion of the wall to reinforce the studs! Lots of work! We added a new toilet, new flooring, baseboard (that is yet to be painted) and repainted the walls. It looks great! There is much more room in there now!

Well that has nothing to do with designing on a dime but I needed to give you some background info!

I wasn't sure exactly what theme I wanted to decorate the bathroom in but I knew what colors I wanted to use. I like bright colors (but I'm slowly learning that paining the walls brightly doesn't always go so well!) so I wanted to use bright yellows, oranges, pinks, blues and greens.

Well on a trip to the dollar store one evening with Big Brother I spotted these plates that matched my decor exactly! They were on sale for $.75 each! I wasn't sure how they'ed look but decided that I could spare the money for them!

Well, once home I hot glued some ribbon on the back for hangers and voila!!! Decorations!!! I think that they look pretty good!! Well, good for dollar store plates anyway!!

I also found these wall stickers that matched as well!! $1 for them all!! I still have some scrapbook paper that I wanted to do something with, like a mural or cutouts or something...I'll post when I get that done!!

We are going to replace that ugly medicine cabinet when we get a chance to!! But for $3.25 the bathroom is coming along nicely!!! I plan on buying an new shower curtain this week...and if it's in the budget making a skirt for the sink!! To be continued...

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