Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bike riding!!!

So it's summer now and the McLean clan have taken to the outdoors...well as much as we can anyway!!

Daddy has taken a liking to walks so we've donned the kiddos in their helmets packed up their bikes and scooters (yes, all in the van!!) and began our memories of summer evening bike rides!

It's been great!! Our energetic little guy has learned rather quickly how to ride on a "big boy bike" that was given to us by cousin Cameron!! (Thank you!!!) He loves it cause "it's blue and boys like blue, not girls!!) Sorry Jenny!! ;)
Big sis has really built up her endurance and is able to keep up quite well with biggest sis who has always been like a lightning bolt when it comes to physical exercise!!

Daddy takes littlest sissy in the stroller and gets his heart a going...while Mom...well really how much of a sweat can I work up trying to keep the other three corralled...and on the sidewalk!!

It's been great though and we've taken some great pictures!! Here's to summertime, family fun, and sweat!!!!

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