Thursday, July 23, 2009

Table food

I have tried very hard to feed Little Sister the best that I possibly can! I tried with the others as well but with Little One not even Daddy is allowed to give "sweets!" (At least not with me around!)

Well today I gave her some red pepper strips that I had cut up and froze at the beginning of the month. A pack of 3 or 4 were on sale for $1.50, yes, $1.50!!! For red peppers that is excellent! I froze them for a couple of reasons. So they wouldn't go bad and so that they would kind of help with her teething pains.

So far she's had two little strips today and she LOVES them!!!! And I feel good knowing that she is snacking well!!

She also had some pieces of our whole wheat pancakes this morning. This was the first time that she seriously fed herself and she did quite well! I love to see that little baby index finger trying to pick up whatever is in her sight!!

Check her out!!

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  1. She is so cute. I love that look of intense concentration. :D


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