Thursday, June 10, 2010

The first fruits of our garden

Although it’s taken us quite a few years to plant a garden we have been quickly seeing the fruit of our labor! We are newbies at best so it has been so exciting for us to see these little veggies grow from tiny to ripe in a matter of weeks.
Just this week I was able to cook our very first homegrown garden vegetable. It was a lovely zucchini squash – whose plant has overtaken the garden by the way – that we excitedly brought inside to wash, sliceDSCN2143 and fry for supper.
It was so satisfying to know exactly where that little guy came from and what kind of chemicals – or lack thereof that he’s been exposed to.
Now he was so big that I was able to cut him in half and serve him the next night sautéed with onions and sausage for a mighty tasty meal that we all loved!DSCN2146
Here is a jalapeño that is so ready to be put into a salsa!!! Ole!  I can’t wait for our tomatoes and onions to hurry up and grow!!
Now you will see some weeds in these pictures because we had neglected our garden while Mr. Mac was in Cuba but last night we got out there (after these pictures were taken of course) and cleaned that place up. It’s a beautiful gardenDSCN2144 now!!
We also have some corn that we cannot wait for!! Just check out these babies!!! Ignore the weeds, ignore the weeds!! They’re gone now remember?!
What else did we plant?! Hmm…we have some greens that Mr. Mac planted, beans, sweet taters, onions, green peppers and cucumbers!! Oh my, can’t wait for the cucumbers!!! We also had two heads of leDSCN2148ttuce but I accidently pulled one of them up!!! And there is a stray strawberry plant that was planted just to see if it would grow…the squash has that pretty covered up right now but it is growing. We have decided however that next year the squash will get a place all of it’s own! That thing is monstrous!! I don’t have a picture but you can see some of it behind Brother in the photo at the top.
And no, the cucumbers are not sitting in a bed of weeds. That is our grass. It’s neighbor, the overgrown squash, has taken up so much room that this little thing has had to stretch it’s vines out of the garden plot completely to get some sun! Bad squashy!!!

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  1. Wow! I am very impressed with your green thumb abilities. YOu have plenty of space to create a fabulous garden. Make sure you build a fence to keep those pesky critters out. Good job mommy! I am sure the kids love it too. Don't forget to water... NANA


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