Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our New Friend

For a while now the children have all begged for a puppy. We've always said no because we understood the work involved in having one; the cleaning, checking for invaders, vet bills, food costs, house breaking, wondering where to keep it when we go on vacation. All of those and more that I can't really think of at this late of an hour have always cause me and McPapa to firmly say, "No, not until you all are older." Well before McPapa left for Cuba the pleas for a pet were stronger and more frequent than ever. He appeased the kids by telling them that after he got back he would consider it. Well that was enough to content them for the eight days that we was gone.
As soon as he got back however the pleas returned full force...not sure if McPapa meant for them to forget about the pet but they surely did not forget!
Well after some talking to McPapa finally took the first step and allowed us to begin looking on the web for a pet to adopt. There are so many little animals out there that are in need of a home. It's really rather sad!
We saw many that we liked, some of us liked beagles, others dalmations, others anything that was cute..our hearts were smitten more than once!
Well after much drama that I am not going to go into here the Lord finally gave us our little pet. Yes, we prayed about it, pray about everything right?!!!
This little fella is a cutie, are you ready?

He is a chihuahua. Not sure if he is a mix, we got him from someone in the church who has family that breeds them. We suspect that he is a long-haired chihuahua...all we need in this family-more hair! ;) He is so adorable! Right now he is quietly sleeping in his kennel. He hasn't eaten much yet, we are hoping that is because of his new surroundings and that tomorrow will be better. We are still deciding on a name. Here is our list of choices:
Charlie, Pepper (Pepe for short), Alex, Ginger, Baxter, Cuba, Max, Dash.
Not sure what we will end up with but we'll let you all know!
Here is a video of him.


  1. Aw! he is sooo cute! It must be a puppy summer. We adopted two sisters about two weeks ago from the animal shelter: Bella and Thea. They are cute, but lots of work! Your tiny doggy is precious! I could just put him in my pocket! :D

  2. TONS of work! But worth it! The kids have really enjoyed him...house training is going pretty good...and yes, he would fit into a pocket! What kind of dogs do you have? Maybe I should just check your blog?! ;)


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