Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Great Puppeteer

Our little toDSCN2273wn library had a wonderful free activity today. They had a man by the name of Doug Berky from just outside of Indianapolis I believe come to down and put on a great show for us!!
Not only is Mr. Berky an awesome storyteller (with a beautiful rich, deep voice) but he alsoDSCN2275 designs and creates his own masks! His daughter even took costume designing classes in college and made some of his outfits.  The costume with the man riding on the back of another is one of them.
Mr. Berky, with his great dramatic acDSCN2283ting skills,  had the children laughing the whole time! He chose some very popular children’s stories such as the Lion and the Mouse from Aesop’s fables and thDSCN2285e Boy Who Cried Wolf to share with us today. This was great because the children could relate the skits to the stories that they have heard. Being the creative storyteller that his is though he never   failed to put in his own personal twist.
DSCN2290 This was a great activity  and I encourage all of you to look Mr. Berky up and get him invited to your local libraries, homeschool groups, public schools etc! You won’t be disappointed! His email address is dougberkytheatre.comDSCN2298
As a side note, after taking one glimpse at the masks I was convinced that my very easily frightened kiddos would be in fits but they were not at all taken back by these odd yet beautiful masks. Imagine, he created these all himself! Look at the detail in the Indian mask! Truly a work of art!
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  1. This looks like great fun :) Your summer reading lists look fantastic as well!


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