Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Growing up

It's very frequent now that we see signs of growth in our children. No, I'm not talking about height because they are pretty short (well, except for Sam) but I mean in other ways. Sometimes it will come out in the things they say, they way they are starting to care about how their hair looks...even though they are totally fine walking with out of the house in a horrendous looking outfit...ya know, stuff like that.

Well, as for Alayna we are seeing a lot of signs. The most apparent are her teeth! Yes, I said teeth! In just over a year she's lost three teeth and she has two more very loose teeth in her mouth as we speak! She is so excited at this new happening and is very eager to grow up!!

I, on the other hand, wouldn't mind keeping them young and innocent for a while longer!! I love my little children! But I know that they must grow and grow they are!! (Is that actually a correct statement?!)

Anyway, where were we? Oh yeah, Alayna, yes! Three teeth and two on the verge of falling out and Ariana has her first loose tooth as well. And as for old Sammy boy, well, he says he has loose teeth but yeah, no, not at three!!!

So while little Sofie has NO teeth in her mouth my bigger girls are having teeth fall out left and right!! The irony of it all huh?!

Alayna showing off her new space!

Ariana is trying to show me her loose tooth.

"Still no teeth Mom!!"

So if he keeps eating that chocolate he will be loosing teeth at the age of three!!


  1. Ha ha haaaa! All those bright and shiny faces until we come to the boy! I LOVE it!!

  2. My oldest has her first loose tooth. *Sniff Sniff* I completely understand how you're feeling about that. Pretty soon we will be needing to get them training bras, LOL!


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