Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Big Sister and her phonics

So Big Sister is a pretty typical middle child. She is the most quite of the bunch, doesn't really demand a lot but unfortunately gets overlooked a little too often in my opinion!!! I'm also a middle child and I always told myself I'd be different with my children but as things like that almost always go, it's easier said than done!!

Take homeschool for instance! A lot of attention is focused on the oldest because they are older and they are in need of extra attention because of the more "mature" material load. The younger one is just starting out so they need you there all of the time. Close instruction basically. But the middle child, well, in our house at least they get lumped in with either one and don't get that one on one attention like the others do.

Now granted we haven't "officially" started any curriculum with Big Sister but she is getting to the point to where she BEGS to be taught to read!! She is wanting so much more because she sees the others doing there stuff..especially now that Brother has his "work". But, she wants that one on one time...just me and her! It's very sweet I must say even though it gets a little demanding on me. It's worth the effort though to see her happily working on her own things.

So, here are some pictures of Big Sister and her phonics.

Biggest Sister is a big help when it comes to reviewing sounds!!

Working hard!!!

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