Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Here is Brothertracing the letter "A" with his finger.

So this little one has graciously tagged along with whatever he had to in order to get through our homeschooling day. But a couple of weeks ago I felt the desire to do some "schooling" for him as well. So I've decided to begin teaching him his letters. NO, I'm not going to sit down with a 3 and a half year old boy and make him look at flashcards and do worksheets all day...that would make us all pull our hair out!! NO, Brother needs a different approach than the one I took with his sisters!! They are workbook lovers!!! They beg for workbooks, Brother doesn't even like to color for very long. So for him we are keeping it simple and as hands on as possible.

We are studying one letter a week (or longer if needs be) and that's it!! Yeah, I know that's not much but I'm a busy woman so I have to keep it simple...besides he needs simple, short and to the point right now!! He may be young but he is still a man and his attention span is VERY short!

So I'm gonna start with the letters of his name first so that he can learn to spell and recognize his own name. We, obviously, began with S. All I did was take a piece of computer paper, draw a few pictures of things that begin with 's', add a Bible verse, number and a pocket for some tactile abc flashcards that I will make to go with each letter and viola!! Done!! That's it...really...there's nothing else to it!! Yes, remember simplicity is the key for my little guy! I wasn't sure how he'd react, if he'd like it, turn his nose up at it or if he'd want more but you know what!!! He LOVED it!!! Oh he was so excited to have his own "school work" and he was even more excited to be learning "his letters"...they're his cause they're in his name. Posession is nine-tenths of the law you know!!!

I was thrilled that he loved it!!! I threw in an art project that kept with my simplicity theme...he painted a capital and small S green, added glitter and stars and we read some books about things that began with S and that was his week at "school"!!! He's done well with it all and has even learned a little!! ;) We review the letter name and sound each day, go over the Bible verse and read of course. That's it. Simple, but for him...and me...it works!!! We both go to bed each night feeling fulfilled!!! Praise the Lord!!!

Here is his worksheet!!

Carefully spelling his name!

Almost done!! Doing great!!!

Finished!!! What a great job!!!!...yes, of course I helped!!!

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  1. PERFECT!!! I just finished reading a really interesting book called The Way They Learn by Cynthia Ulrich Tobias which was very enlightening! (Reminded me a little of the book that you, Mel, Renee and I read about the personalities, Ms Phlagmatic...) :D Anyway, you are already doing a lot of what she suggested. Great Job, Kris!!!!
    BTW I loooooove the cute updated blogs! xo


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