Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My first entry!!!

Yay!! I've done it!! This is kinda first blog!! I feel "tech savy" now. Although maybe I shouldn't cause in the terms and conditions it stated that I had to be AT LEAST 13...13!! The more I think about it the more I realize that I'm probably just behind the times and not "tech savy", I'll stop thinking about it.

Anyway, welcome to our home!!! I plan on blogging whenever I get a chance but not so much that I neglect my home so it may not be too often. I'll mainly be blogging on this blog about our goings on as a family. If you are interested in our weekly adventures as a homeschooling family checkout my blog at There you will have a small taste of what life is like for our little ones and their schooling!!!
So, sit back, relax, read and come back and visit often!! Hope you enjoy yourself and thanks for coming home with us!!!


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  2. Cool site, I've never heard of this lap stuff! Wow now, don't get to technical on me, I'm old school! What's a BLOG? Is it like the GLOB that eats up all the people in the movie theather? Anyways, love it! keep adding to it. Enjoyed the recording stuff... Love NANA, MOM, PETSITTER!


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