Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A little portion of our day

Well, we've wrapped up another day here at Ruby Slippers and I'm glad to say that it's been a good one. We are using the Heart of Dakota curriculum this year and I am glad that we are!!! It's been a sweet four weeks and this curriculum has added such peace to our days. I will explain further in another blog so check it out! Here are some photos of what we did today!

Brother is keeping himself busy!!!!

For "recess" today we went on a "hunt" led by our resident detective Biggest Sister. (She drew a map and everything!!) A few days ago while on a walk with Daddy we found a little bird on the side of the road that didn't look like it could fly. The children were enamoured and wanted to bring it home however Daddy firmly said no. So the kids all wanted to go and see if it was still there.

Our little detective!!!

And a princess too!!!

Looking at an ant hill.

So there we went, a pregnant mom, a little boy pushing a stroller with his hippo "Chunky" in it, a princess and her baby and our detective. Armed with a magnifying glass, map and backpack (oh yeah, and a piece of rescue string "just in case some one falls or gets lost") we were off. It was a nice little stroll even though we didn't find the little bird. And Mom needed the exercise!! We returned home to complete most of our assignments and managed to stick lunch, 3 stories, clean the kitchen and the living room in there some how!! Now everyone is down...but not yet asleep...and I am talking to you all!!

Here are some pictures of our "homeschool" area. Our house has an open floor plan so everything is connected to everything else and that makes for a difficult task when it comes to "organizing the school area." (Can that ever really be accomplished?!) To help us out we purchased some stackable units from Target and have FILLED them up with all of our school items. As you can see from the pictures they are pretty packed. The lower drawers are for the kids to put their personal school books and supplies in. (Thankfully there are 4 drawers cause we are about to have our 4th!!)

Our homeschool closets.

We usually do our workbook assignments at the table (on which you can see Big Sister busily working on her Penmanship assignment) that is smack in the middle of a walkway but it's a thin table and hasn't been too much of a bother. Today Biggest Sister wanted to do her work in her room. I felt it would be fine because she tends to get frustrated with so much noise from Big Sister and Brother while she's trying to concentrate. In the photo you can see her working at a shelf which previously held their reading books but have since been packed away as we are trying to get their room repainted before the baby gets here. (Hopefully it'll happen). She was content to be working at her own little desk though!!

And as for Brother...well, you can see from the picture at the top he keeps himself occupied while the girls are working...normally!!!

It's been a good day and I am thankful for that!!! I love to homeschool!!!

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  1. Wow, Kris. Great job! You are an inspiration!


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