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TOS Review:Kinderbach

The Product:
Kinderbach. Ever heard of it? Of course you have, who hasn't? I remember about 3 years ago I had looked into it for my oldest but never did get beyond the free trial. Well, this was my chance. But now my oldest is 9 and she wasn't interested in this "easy stuff." So, I focused on using this with Brother, 5 and completely clueless when it comes to music and rhythm.
Kinderbach is an online or DVD program that is child-paced curriculum so you are free to go as slowly or as quickly as your child needs in order to truly own the material. Kinderbach that teaches note reading, rhythm, singing and music composition. The basics necessary to move on to any instrument of choice. KB consists of 6 levels that each have 10 lessons. Each lesson requires an activity book (downloadable or hard copy) and utilizes songs, demonstrations by Miss. Karri, and active work at the piano to bring the learning home.

In the first lesson, the children are introduced to Dodi, a lonely donkey who lives on the D key. His house is the two black keys that surround D. Other cute characters, including Dodi’s friend Frisco and others are introduced to help children remember the names of the keys. My girls loved Dodi and his friends!There are lessons to watch online but there are also worksheets that are to be printed out ahead of time so that the child can actively complete them along with Miss. Karri during the lessons.
The videos used in Kinderbach are not overwhelming or flashy but very appropriate for the age range. The creating of adorable characters makes it easy for the child to fall in love with this program and retain what is taught.

McMama's Opinion:
Honestly we did not get as far into the program as I had originally intended. Due to a few difficult life circumstances things got out of control for a while personally. I do however think that the parts that we have done with Brother and those that I've gone through on my own are excellent. Even Littlest goes to the piano as says, "This Dodi house Mama." Just last night she was trying to clap in rhythm with Miss Karri while her and Biggest were watching a lesson.

I think musically this is a great, gentle and fun way to introduce music and its theory to young children. I think that, when used consistently and going at the child's own pace Kinderbach can be very effective on creating a long lasting relationship with music.

Both of my bigger girls are already taking music lessons of their own however Brother is not. Kinderbach is something that I am going to try and budget in for him and Littlest for the upcoming school year. I think it's a good way to expose them to music at younger ages without having to pay the big price of two more private music lessons.

If you have been wanting your child to start on the road to learning about music then I would highly suggest taking a long look at Kinderbach. I regret not purchasing it years ago! Please don't make that same mistake yourself.

The Breakdown:

  • Created for ages 3 - 7 years.
  • Online and DVD versions available
  • Online version is $95.88 per year (billed yearly) or $19.95 per month.
  • Find info on the DVD package here.
  • I would recommend this for someone who lacks the confidence to teach their young child themselves, desires a fun, non-traditional way of exposing littles to music, or someone who (like us) has a larger sized family and doesn't have the budget to accomodate more private music lessons. This gets them learning and building a relationship with music but at a less expensive cost.
  • Not sure, sign up for the free trial!
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**Any opinions expressed in this review are mine alone. I was not compensated in anyway for doing this review other than receiving access to to complete the review. I want to express my gratitude to the makers of Kinderbach for allowing me to review their product!!** 

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