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Pillowcase Dress

In need of something.
So last year while huge and very pregnant with my 5th baby I found a gorgeous pillowcase while browsing through a local thrift shop. That beauty came home with me destined to become a pillowcase dress for my 3 year old.

Well as my life goes that creamy thing hung in our storage room for days, then weeks, then months. But finally I had the time and desire to give that baby the proper attention it needed.

I am so satisfied with the results. Yes, it's still just a pillowcase dress and I kinda love but don't love those things however they are a busy mom's dream project because they take like 30 minutes or so - depending on how many distractions you have around that is.

So without further delay I give you this easy but delicately beautiful pillowcase dress.

Step 1: Locate pillowcase with lace at the bottom. (You can always just find a plain pillowcase and add your own lace but that would add time and expense.) You will also need matching thread, sewing machine, bias tape (optional, you can make your own) and ribbon, I used lace cause that's all I had).

Step 2: Measure your child from the shoulder to desired length. and add an inch for casing and scant seam allowance.
My daughter is a very tiny almost four year old. To get the mid-calf length she measured at 23 inches. Starting from the bottom lacey portion of your pillowcase measure up 23 inches (or your own measurements) and mark with chalk or a water soluble pen. Fold your pillowcase in half length-wise.

Step 3: Now we will cut out the armhole section. For my daughter I drew a line that curved out toward the edges of the fabric (NOT the folded edge) that was 6.5 inches long. It curved out about 1 inch from the edges of the fabric. Does that confuse you too? Here's a picture. (Please excuse my yellow's suppose to be an arrow!)
You can add (larger sizes) or subtract (for smaller sizes) about .5 of an inch from my 6.5 inch measurement but you will want to make sure that your curve ends up about 1 inch from the edges. Now you will cut out on the lines you just created. You will NOT CUT the folded edges (the left side of this picture.)

Step 4: Bias tape. My strips were (suppose to be) 13 inches long and 1 inch wide. I got that because my armhole length on one side was 6.5 inches so each arm would have a hole of 13 inches long. I messed up so my strips weren't long enough but what I had still worked. So whatever measurement you used for your armhole double that and cut two strips that length by 1 inch wide.
Pin strips to armhole edges right sides together. Sew the strips to the armholes on one side.. (Sorry, didn't take a picture.) Iron bias tape so they will lay flat and clip the curves being careful not to clip into the stitching. On the unsewn side of the bias tape fold over 1/4 inch and iron in place. Fold tape to inside of dress and sew in place.

I found this tutorial  from Make It Modern that may help you.

Step 5: Casing. Almost done folks!!! You will make just a regular old casing here. Fold 1/4 inch from the top (neck edge) of the front and back dress pieces. Iron and fold down the width of whatever your ribbon width is. I folded .5 inch (I think) but will go back and add another stitch to my casing cause my lace was too thin for that wide of a casing. Sew casing close to bottom edge.
Step 6: Cut ribbons to desired length. I didn't measure mine, just kind of eyeballed it. It's better to cut more than you think you'll need if you can spare the extra. Attach a safety pin to one end of the ribbon and thread through casing opening. Do this on both sides. Tie strap together and you are done!!!!
Now wasn't that easy?!

Well, put that thing on your cutie and take some pictures.
 Don't you just love bare feet and lace?! So timeless.

Sorry, forgot to turn this! Just tilt your head. You'll get it.! :)
 Beautiful! What a great pillowcase embellishment! I think next time I come across another like this I'm gonna make it into a little pillowcase top. Now I'm off to think of an equally gorgeous hair embellishment.

But one more time...

Ever make a pillowcase dress? I'd love to take a looksey!!

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