Thursday, January 5, 2012

Our New Workboxes

So way back when we began using the workbox system. Well, like most people we tweaked the idea to fit our homeschool style and space, you can read about it here. The idea worked great but it's been time for a change for quite some time. Enter my newest idea.

I had been checking out some craft storage carts at Michael's for, oh, say about 1 YEAR...yeah, I don't spend my money hastily...but could not bring myself to spend the $70 bucks they were wanting for them...times two! So, at Michael's they would sit.

Well for my birthday and Christmas I received Michael's gift cards. I was so excited. I checked out the sales ads the week after Christmas and saw that the storage items were 40% off!! Woot!! I also had the coupon for $5 off every $25 dollars spent...double woot!!!

The Monday after Christmas Biggest and I drove on into town with a mission: "Purchase those craft carts. Pronto."

Well thankfully there were about 3 left in the store by the time we got there and they were on sale for $34.99 - 50% off!!! Triple woot!!! So, with my discount, gift cards and the coupon for $5 off every $25 spent I purchased two of those babies!!!

Can I say that I LOVE THEM!! And they were so easy to put together!! They are not of gigantic size, they are I wish I were...they are colorful but not loud, they seem sturdy enough...but we'll see, Littlest will put them to the test I'm sure and my girls LOVE them!!! They (in the 3 short days that we have used them) have helped keep our school day organized!!

They come with 10 drawers...plenty for us...and have a nice shelf on top for extra stuff. I'm so in love with this purchase and the great deal I got!

Hubby was concerned about where I'd put them and honestly I was too as we have a houseful but they are just the perfect size and fit well in the living room.

Knowing me that will not be their final resting place...does anyone else have the bad habit of creative energy making one change living room furniture around all.the.time? Hubby goes with it but I know it drives him crazy. He's so great..I love him!!

Anyway, we honestly don't use all of those great numbers and labels that most people who use workboxes do. I did when we did our last system but I don't find it necessary this time around. Maybe the girls are old enough to just get in and get it done? Maybe the colored drawers are enough? I don't know but this system is so easy and straightforward. Perfect for my season of life!

Anyway, if you feel so inclined, check out Michael's...I've seen these carts on sale again since I've purchase them and Michael's is getting ready to have another great sale on Sunday from 1 - 7 pm...if you shop on Sundays.

And do you wanna see what I made with the boxes those carts came in? Here ya go:
Sorry it's blurry, a certain long-haired chihuahua thought he needed a picture camera focused on HIM instead...grrr...

Fabric covered boxes...FREE and made to my desired measurements!!! I followed this tutorial-sort of. Can't help it, I tweak everything!!!

Anyway, I'll post later about how things are going with our Christian Light a word...great. Details to come!!

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  1. Love the carts! great price and they are very colorful and fit perfect in that space.

  2. Love the colors! It's a perfect fit. Great job mom!>


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