Thursday, January 12, 2012

Celebrating our 10 year old at the skating rink

cause that's where she wanted to go for her birthday. It was perfect timing too cause for $5 bucks we got to skate for 2 hours, and eat all the pizza, hot dogs and soda that we wanted!! Let's hear it for Homeschool Skate Day!! Woot!!

Anyway, the girls LOVED it!! We invited a friend of Alayna'a as well. Jer picked Sam up early from school and the fellas joined us. We were blessed to have a lady from church that lives here in Stanley watch Sofie for us. It.Was.Perfect.

Ari did so great with skating. It won't take much for her to start doing well on her own. I skated with her most of the time. Alayna tried it out some and did okay but was more content with walking around with her friend playing games. Sam preferred the games and climbing area as well.

It was so nice to get skates on again. It's been years and I was a little nervous but after a couple of rolls around the rink was back to feeling young again.

As a special treat the last two skates was a "couples/friend" skate. Ari and I skated to dim lights (remember the disco ball? Yup, it wa there too) and flashing colored ones. It was nice!

Alayna had a blast with her friend and received two books, a shiney notebook and gospel pin.

Lillie was perfect and spent most of the time with her daddy. Love it!!

All in all it was a great time, we'll be back for sure!! What a way to celebrate our oldest turning TEN!!!! Yikes...can't believe we've been parents for a decade...where does the time go?

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