Wednesday, May 4, 2011

TOS Crew Review: Yesterday's Classics

Do you love books as I do? Do you lack space as I do? Do you wonder what to do about those dilemmas a I did? Enter Yesterday's Classics, your one-stop destination for tons of great classics that take up no floor space at all. (Can you hear the angels singing already?!) Sound too good to be true? Well read on!

Yesterday's Classics is a company dedicated to making the beautiful, rich stories of yesteryear available to the families of today. They have been busily reprinting hundreds of classics so that we can benefit from the same literary beauty that educated many years ago.

Yesterday's Classics has put together an awesome 225 title ebook package to make storing and accessing these treasures much easier! These are many of the same titles that you will find on the reading lists of curriculum developers such as Ambleside Online, Heart of Dakota, Living Books Curriculum and Tapestry of Grace.

When you purchase this 225 title ebook package you get immediate access to the books either in EPUB or Kindle format. Don't have an ereader? Don't fret! I didn't either, but both formats are supported by PC computers! That's right, you can download the free Adobe Digital Editions, Nook for PC, Kindle for PC, Calibre and others.

I used Nook for PC and Adobe. I prefer the Nook for PC personally. However if you are new to all of this YC has information and comparison charts on the most popular ereaders available for you once you order!! It's very informative by the way!!

So what makes Yesterday's Classics so much different than the other versions out there? Well, the ebooks from YC are just beautiful! They have pictures (if the original had pictures), they have a table of contents that makes it easier to navigate to the exact chapter or page that you want. With the Nook for PC I was able to book mark, change font size and easily store the books in an organized fashion.

There are 22 different genres that are covered in this package such as World History, Poetry, Children of the World, Britain, Shakespeare, Kindergarten, Literature, Christmas Stories, American History and more!

I do have to say however that there are some genres that we, being very conservative in nature, won't be persuing. It would be nice if there were some package deals available. I know that there are a few books that I am not going to be using with my children and would personally love something like a pick and choose option. Maybe 'x' amount of books for 'x' dollars for package A and 'x' amount of books for 'x' dollars for package B etc. I'm not sure how complicating that would get for Yesterday's Classics though. The deal that they have now is a great one, this is just my little suggestion based on the dynamics of our family.

Here are some of the titles we have enjoyed:

And there are more to get to!! Oh so much more!!! I'm so glad I don't have to find shelf space for all of these!!!
I can tell you that these books look great. They are well formatted and the picture quality is very nice. These Yesterday Classics versions are much easier on the eyes...and much more appealing...than most of the free versions that I have seen and downloaded but NEVER made myself use because they were just too hard to read!

So, if you are wanting some great literature, I'd urge you to check this package deal out! Honestly, I know it's pricey but when you think about the amount of books you are getting and the amount of money you are saving on storage space I think that you would find yourself saving in the long run! 
To do the math for you: 
225ebooks @ $99 =  44 cents per book!! 
Can you believe it?!!

Here's the deal:

Buy anytime between now and May 31st and you get all 225 ebooks in Kindle or Epub versions for $99.95!!!

Read all the details here!

Find out how my other Crew Mates loved this deal by clicking on the banner below.

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