Monday, May 9, 2011

TOS Crew Review: Monki See Monki Do

The Product:
Monki See is a 30 minute dvd aimed at the littlest group; ages 3 months to 2 years. Here are some quick facts:

MonkiSee Baby DVDs     Quick Facts

  • These 30 minute interactive baby DVDs keep babies entertained and engaged.

  • MSMD baby dvds show lovable puppets that babies love to watch.

  • Upbeat children's music has babies moving and grooving to the beat.

  • MonkiSee theme song will have your baby singing along.

  • Original poetry builds child's language and vocabulary skills.

  • These baby dvds are Entertaining and Educational so your child easily learns new things while watching these favorite videos.

  • MSMD Baby DVDs teach important preschool skills in a fun and interactive way.

  • MSMD Baby DVDs include a Slide Show that provides fast and easy review.

McMama's Opinion:
I received the Baby's First Words DVD and Know Your Monkey softbound book for this review.

My first impressions were good. The characters on the DVD case and book looked cute. All of my kids wanted to watch the DVD and sat around as we put it on.

I was pleasently surprised with the music selection on the MSMD DVD. We are very conservative in our music choices and the country style music fit nicely within our standards which is very important to us.

The video consists of three parts:

  • A parent's Guide - This is where Krista Guererro talks to parents about the philosophy behind MSMD and the best methods to use the program.
  • Slide Show - This is just what it says. A slide show of all the words on the show with a live shot of something that word represents. The kids loved some of the comical pictures! The font is clear and large however the words move rather fast in my opinion.
  • The Show - the final part is the show. I'll get into that now.
The video is nicely done. I love how MSMD consists of very little animation! Most of the video consists of children acting out or showing what the words represent and there are also animals (from the Belize Zoo!!) that were exotic and beautiful that "helped out" with the word representation. I also loved the poems sprinkled throughout the program.  

The MSMD DVD Baby's First Words covers more than 30 words. Words from hand, nose and ear to shoulder, rattle and pacifier. Yes, this DVD covers a lot! Although Littlest at 2 and a half know most, if not all of the words (what each means) she obviously doesn't recognize the words by their spelling. It is recommended by the creators to watch the DVD every day for 4 weeks and go through the slideshow and book in order to help the child recognize the words.

This review period obviously wasn't long enough for true "reading" to be attained but I can see how it could be a possibility if done in the ways outlined on the website and in the Parent Guide section of the DVD. 

The Breakdown:

The DVD is cute and entertaining without being flashy and fast speed. It's definitely easy on the eyes and brain I think! At 30 minutes for me it is kind of long. My kids never complained of course but I as the parent would prefer to cut the viewing in half and work on just a portion of the video at a time. There is a lot of words in those 30 minutes!
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