Monday, November 15, 2010

Corps of Rediscovery: TOS Crew Review

The Product
Today I am reviewing the Cornhusk Doll kit from Corps of Re-Discovery. Corps of Re-Discovery is a company that focuses on bringing to our children some of the treasured toys from my favorite time in our country's history.

Cornhusks dolls were introudced to the early settlers by the Iroquois Indians. They quickly became a favorite toy among Pioneers both old and young alike as the parents had limited materials in which to create toys for their children out of.

This Cornhusk Doll Kit is from the Pioneer and Colonial assortment of toys.

The McMama Experience

I was so excited to be able to review this product as we are studying Pioneers in History right now and because my girls just love, love, love all things from that time era. I opened the package the night before attempting this project so that I could read the directions ahead of time. I wanted to make sure that I understood each step. Although I thought that I did there did happen to be one step (the adding of a small piece of cornhusk to the arm sections) that we were totally lost on. It did not affect the end product though.

The directions stated that it would take an hour to complete the doll and I would have to say that that time frame was right on.

I announced to my girls that we were going to put this doll together and they were very excited! We soaked our cornhusks while we ate lunch and then promptly got busy.

Big Sis helped me the most and at 6, majority of the steps were a little beyond her ability but only because we wanted to make sure that the doll was put together securely.

Here she is waiting to dry.
Like I said above we only had a hard time once but the finished doll was treasured inspite of that skipped step (although I think ours actually turned out better anyway!) :)

I followed the directions exactly and hand sewed the apron for the doll but next time I will consider sewing it on a machine just to speed things up a bit. That step could even be done on a seperate day.

She LOVES this doll!
All in all this was a very easy project and the doll will be treasured forever I am sure!! This is not one of those waste your money projects! The price by the way is super!!
The Breakdown

The Cornhusk Doll Kit comes with all needed cornhusks plus a few extra, plenty of string, a fabric swatch to sew your very own apron and head scarf and directions.

At the time of this review the kit is currently selling for $4.50 down from the original $5.99.

There is also a male Cornhusk Doll Kit available for the boys in your life or as a companion ;) to the girl doll.
Fun, fun, fun!!
Children will practice valuable skills while putting this project together: sewing, folding, tying etc.
Very low cost
Simple directions

Although the drawings that went along with the directions were good I think that actual pictures of the steps would be easier to understand.
Some of the cornhusks did tear but that may not be the fault of the company, just the nature of the materials being worked with.

I will be looking into purchasing more of the items sold at Corps of Re-Discovery as Big Sis has fallen in love with their products!!

Be sure to check out Corps of Re-Discovery on Facebook as they often have special deals for their Facebook followers.

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  1. This looks like a fun project. We received the quilt kit, which my daughter thoroughly enjoyed.

  2. Hey ! We like the doll too. I also thought the directions could have been better.

  3. Yes, I agree the directions need some tweaking-that sleeve part (I believe the one you skipped) was a bit confusing at first-but we got the best laughs when doing that-our lady looks very puffy there. LOL
    Nice review.


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